DCUO Spring Event Guide

In order to start the Spring Event speak to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower’s Aquacultural Area (as a Hero) or with Poison Ivy in the Hall of Doom’s Pit (as Villains). Also don’t forget to speak to Veronica Cale (Villains) or Doctor Sarah Charles (Heroes) to find out more about taking on Swamp Thing and starting Sewers Rendezvous daily event istance.

Warrior of Spring Style

Warrior of Spring Set Gallery. At this moment we have screenshots of items from seasonal vendor.

Spring Event Furniture Gallery

New Spring Furniture items can be obtained from Seasonal Vendor and Mobs.
Spring Furniture Gallery


Collection Seeds of Spring

Seeds of Spring collection can be completed while collecting other collections. From time to time, you will receive 2 collection items from yellow question mark, and one of them will be part of this collection. They are also a random drop from the mobs in daily quest.

Spring Event Feats

  • Fruit Flavored 25 Feat points 25 Feat Points- Buy Boost! Orange Snacks, Boost! Mellow Snacks, Boost! Strawberry Snacks from seasonal vendor.
  • That’s no ordinary rabbit 25 Feat Points- Collect all styles in the Warrior of Spring Set. Some items can be bought from seasonal vendor. The Head and the Back Piece can be obtain from alerts and duos as a drop from the end bosses.
  • Eco Friendly 25 Feat Points – Complete the spring seasonal daily (Protecting the green guide is below this text) quest 10 times.
  • Seeds of Success 25 Feat Points – Purchase any of the Spring Seasonal Trinkets.
  • Tech Savvy – Complete the Sewer Rendezvous instance without loosing any technicians.
  • Allergic Reaction – Complete the Sewer Rendezvous instance without allowing Swamp Thing or anyone in your group to come in contact with the spore clouds.


Hero’s Missions


Protecting the green daily mission

Reward: 25 Cash and 6x Seed Pod.
Quest Giver: Swamp Thing
The mission can be completed anywhere in the Gotham (for Heroes) and it consists of three parts:

  • Destroy the plant creatures (18)
    Once you spot a plant from the air, destroy it. At the same time Spring Pheromone Victims and Death Blossoms will appear.
  • Rescue civilians captured or threatened by Poison Ivy’s Plant Creatures (12)
  • Fight Spring Pheromone Victims and at the end HOLD E to rescue them.

  • Locate Poison Ivy’s Plants Nearby Columns of Pollen
  • DCUO Spring Event


Villain’s Missions


Paint the Town Green daily mission

Quest Reward Cash:25; 6x Seed Pod
Quest giver: Poison Ivy

In order to complete this mission you will needed to do some gardening and to kill Envirotech Biologists for Poison Ivy in Ghotam City.
Paint the town green mission

  • Cultivate Plant-Creatures by delivering and planting seeds or by protectin growing plants x12
  • Take out Envirotech Biologists interfering with Ivy’s plants x18
  • Plants can be found all over the Ghotam City but we marked some locations where we found it


Sewers Rendezvous daily event instance

Quest giver: Veronica Cale

This is a pretty easy four man instance where your aim is to defeat Swamp Thing.

  • When you start the mission by talking to the Lead Technician in the instance, first thing you should do is to put poison dispensers around the room where Swamp Thing is located.
  • In the next step, technician will set timer on one of poison dispensers. After a few seconds the dispenser will start releasing poison, and in that moment you should bring Swamp Thing to it. Poison will weaken him and he will become vulnerable to your attacks for some time. Repeat previous step until you defeat him.

  • Quest Reward: Seed Pods

The following furniture items can be obtained from Swamp Thing in the Sewer Rendezvous event instance.

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15 Responses to DCUO Spring Event Guide

  1. Iceman2436 says:

    I have discovered the only way to move swamp thing to the dispensers is with agro.
    Powers like tasser pull the ice tank pull Don’t work. You have to make him to follow you over to the dispensers

  2. Pharoh says:

    I gotta tell ya.. I REALLY hate that when you’re with a team that doesn’t get it. They just keep attacking Swamp Thing instead of luring him to the next trap and then when the team invetibably loses before you can rez again, they’ve already run BACK to the Master Technician and STARTED THE EVENT AGAIN trapping in a HELL of a TEAM DOOMED TO FUGGIN’ FAILURE OVER AND OVER CUZ THEY THINK THAT “I”m A TANK, SO LONG AS I KEEP HITTING HIM AND DRAW AGGRO the others can do their part!” … … … Sorry.. .Sorry, but TWICE, just now I was stuck with a team that didn’t get it 5 times each.

  3. Namine Eldarin says:

    I know that Swamp Thing also drops the ‘Moss-Covered’ shoulders. Does he drop any other style that isn’t part of the Warrior of Spring set?

    • teofil says:

      I don’t think so. But i know he drops one more style item and if i remember good should be pants, but i am not sure about it.

      • Namine Eldarin says:

        I’ve seen him drop the furniture, the ‘Warrior of Spring’ back and head that every boss and reward box drops during the event, and the Moss-Covered shoulders. I was wondering if he dropped anything else. Can anybody confirm pants?

  4. c says:

    Nothing is better than having the tank complain about how every one sucks and that we need to draw him over to one of the devices and just sitting there not doing anything. Then getting butt hurt and standing in the corner pouting waiting for the rest of us to finish and even after we beat swamp thing they still say that we suck even though we did all the work. lol gotta love the bitchz

  5. Demetrios Augustin says:

    two questions. 1 where does one get the new talon styles from?
    2 why did they change the pvp armour you cant get it anymore are they coming back? why show them if they arent for purchase? they need to put it back the new customes arent even all that nice looking no info where to even get them they give away these marks of valor but dont tell you or explain where to use them. why did they do this? all of a sudden every one had talon outfits can we discuss how to get them since you guys are the go to for how and where? thanks you guys have helped me alot…

  6. RoguePaladin says:

    I’ve een wandering around Gotham for over an hour trying to find “Protecting the Green” and I can’t find it anywhere. Where the hell is it?!?

  7. M says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out why I got put with 3 villains, and then the Swamp thing punished me with gear cap (for 7 hours or something). I mean…why would ST put me on a mission to defeat himself?

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