DCUO DLC 7 Origin Crisis Feat list

This Feat list is completed by DCUO Community member Gemi, who wanted to share information about new feats with all the people who do not have access to the TEST server.

Controlled Collateral Damage 2 stars
-Complete the Iconic Anomaly: test subject #1 solo instance without any scientist getting knocked out
Time after Time 1 star
-Complete 100 Iconic Anomaly solo instance
Silent Hunter 1 star
-Disable three control panels in the Iconic Anomaly:The Hunt solo instance without alerting any mobsters
Deal breaker 1 star
-Defeat each of the random iconics that appear in the Iconic Anomaly:The Hunt solo instance
LexCorp Wrecker 1 star
-Destroy 200 parked Lexcorp Vehicles in Alternate Metropolis

Villains on Parade 2 stars
-Defeat all of the iconic villains in alternate metropolis during the Brothers in Arms Operation
Brothers Fall Together 1 star
-Defeat Lex Luthor and Superman in Luthor Tower without either being revived
Low Beams 1 star
-Defeat Jor-el without allowing his reinforcements to re-enable his ultimate attack
Leave Them 3 stars
-Defeat Jor-el on Krypton without defeating any of the House of El reinforcements
What’s up Dox 1 star
-During the Paradox Wave raid prevent the Tyrant from being healed by Energy Spheres
An Epic Odyssey 3 stars
-Defeat the Paradox Tyrant in the Paradox wave raid without closing any of the speed force tunnels
Stay awake 1 star
-Complete the Paradox Wave raid without getting knocked out
You Conduit! 2 stars
-Complete the Paradox Wave raid in under 15 minutes after entering the Maelstrom.
Anti-Gravity 1 star
-Complete the Paradox Wave raid without using any Gravity Spheres to free your allies
No touching 1 star
Complete the Wayne Tower fight without allowing Batman’s and Catwoman’s shields to touch.
Paradox Gatekeeper 1 star
-Close 25 Paradox Ruptures in Central City during the Origin Crisis Operations
Paradox Demon Hunter 1 star
-Take down the Paradox Despoiler and the Paradox Eradicator in Central City.
Paradox Patrol 1 star
-Defeat each of the time-traveling iconic villains inside the Speed Force tunnel during the Origin Crisis Operation
There Can Be only #1 1 star
-Defeat each of the failed Superman clones in the iconic Anomaly: Test Subject #1 solo instance
Artifact Finder 1 star
-Recover each Artifact that appears in the Nexus of Reality Raid
Finite Possibilities 1 star
-Defeat each possible combination of Council members in the Final Boss Fight of the Nexus of Reality raid
Volatile Hostiles 1 star
-Defeat the Nexus Omega Drone inside the Nexus of Reality without allowing any Volatile Robots explode
Brainiac Robots again? 1 star
-Complete the Nexus of Reality raid after waking all powered-down Brainiac Robots and again without waking an
Brainiac Robots
Line ‘Em Up 1 star
-Defeat the Control Room Boss and the Security Room Boss in the Nexus of Reality within five minutes of one another.
No Return 1 star
-Complete the Crime alley fight during the Family Reunion Operation without allowing Future Lex Luthor to return to the fight more than once
Street Sweeper 1 star
-Defeat all of the iconic villains running free on the streets of Alternate Gotham City in the Family Reunion Operation
Missiles Missed 1 star
-Complete the iconic boss fight inside Wayne Tower without anyone being hit by the missile barrage.
Don’t Dally in the Alley 1 star
-Defeat Future Lex Luthor in the Crime alley in 10 mins or less
How many feat point can possible be acquired? 405 feat points/100 = 4.05 Skill point obtainable

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