DCUO Quantum dps – Space guide

New DCUO DLC will be available soon, and new Quantum Power as well. JayMoonyDCOU made a great video guides where he tested Space tree and Time tree with new animations, and shared his thoughts with DCUO community. We need to point out that the powers are tested only in PvE.

I must say that this is a really good DPS Power. Finally a power that is competitive to gadgets and hard light.



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4 Responses to DCUO Quantum dps – Space guide

  1. AAMCSYSTEMS says:

    nice videos (both time and space dps) I especially liked the fact that you showed the rotations, definitely looking forward to dpsing with Quantum soon.

  2. True. I got a earth dps and to get the best out of it I used both trees. I’m going to experiment some more until I see which one is good for a troll.

  3. Kevin says:

    Saying that gadgets and hl dps are the only good ones is wrong, its all about how you play it, I play a fire dps and I beat most gadgets and hl dps (even after all the fire nerfs). Ive seen really good dps of every power, gadget and hl dps are just the easiest, which is why you see so many of them.

  4. CallMeDude says:

    yea…quantum power is good in dps…
    controller too man…
    its nice to be all….

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