DCUO Server Hotfix on May 9th

Today, during the regular DCUO server restarts a small hotfix will be implemented, which includs the first PvP Map Rotation.

  • Iconic Anomaly and Origin Crisis Operations pointer Missions will now correctly grant at Combat Rating 84 and above

Family Reunion

  • The Huntress: The Huntress has been asked to tone down one of her attacks to prevent Villains from becoming discouraged.


PvP Arena & Legends

  • Map Rotation!
  • The maps available for Season 1 have been rotated. Some PvP maps previously unavailable can now be selected
  • Arenas
    • 1v1 Lair Battles
    • 2v2 Batcave
    • 4v4 STAR Labs
    • 5v5 Pit
    • 8v8 Hall of Doom HQ
  • Legends
    • 1v1 Batcave
    • 2v2 Inner Sanctum
    • 4v4 Ace Chemicals
    • 5v5 Arkham Asylum
    • 8v8 Fortress of Solitude
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2 Responses to DCUO Server Hotfix on May 9th

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  2. Dave Nicholson says:

    Its V,day…. yea…. sure would be nice to be able to log in today WTF .people I spend a lot of money on this game for the last 3 years. And not being able to play is making me want to say f..this frustrating bag of crap………. your killing me….. my net is good, everything else works. WHY CANT I LOG IN….thank you for your time

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