How to respec in DCUO?

If you have decided to respec your character and don’t know how to do it, this tips will help you.

  • You can not change your power (fire, ice, gadgets, mental, nature, sorcery)
  • You can not change your movement type (flight, acrobatics, super-speed)
  • When you respec you just refunds your power and skill points
  • When you hit level 10 you can train a second weapon. When you respec you can put all your points to a new weapon if you are not satisfy with the old one
  • You can respec at the Watchtower (as a Hero) or the Hall of Doom (as a Villain) (Open your map (M) scroll down until you see the RE-SPEC machine)
    For Villains: From the central area keep traveling down through the wings until you reach the pit. Follow the path around the pit and you’ll find it.
    For Heroes: The RE-SPEC machine is in the Aquaculural Area, which is located in the southwest area of the tower – Tech Wing
  • I don’t believe there’s a minimum level requirement to use respec
  • You need 500 in game cash to respec
  • The re-spec machine gets more expensive (500, 650, …) each time you use it, but it resets to 500 if you wait 24 hours.
  • Don’t forget that you can earn additional skill points by completing feats. 100 feat points for a skill point. So, maybe you don’t have to respec just earn additional skill points.
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26 Responses to How to respec in DCUO?

  1. Ali says:

    You should be able to re-spec your movement. Like come on… We are paying to play this game, and what if we choose a movement we like, the we lose interest and want another one so bad, but don’t want to make a new character because the character you got is just too good… Like I don’t want to start ALL over just to respect my movement. Come on DCUO… Next update, we should be able to respect movement for a fee. Maybe a big fee like 2000$ or more… Reasonable price so people don’t change it all the time. Because I’m fed up of flying, but I can’t do anything about it… Wanting a more exciting movement like acrobatics but I can’t because we can’t re-spec…. I am really disappointed in this

    • Danny says:

      Like, I’m like dissappointed in this too.

      • DarkShadow says:

        There is equipment within the game that allows you to use other movement abilities. There are boots that allow you to speed, jet packs that allow you to fly, etc. They are rare though. They were talked about a lot when the game first came out. I don’t hear anything about them now. I’m sure they’re still somewhere in the game.

    • Snork says:

      I think your disappointment is utterly unwarranted.

      You’re completely off your rocker. First of all, you pay voluntarily, the game is free. They give you a very clear list of what you get with legendary membership, nowhere does it say you can respec your transport type.

      Second, having paid for the game and knowing what you paid for… There’s no freaking reason to be disappointed. It’s not as if they advertised the ability to switch movement speeds.

      You CAN do something about it, if you want a new power set or a new transport… You can easily re-roll. Even casual players can get a new character to a respectable level fairly quickly. I’ve seen level 30 done in about 8 hours.

      Finally, 2000 isn’t steep and saying “like” a lot, is a bad habit of speech… I’ve never seen it manifested via the typed word.

  2. Ryan says:

    I think that would be stupid if you get to change your movement. Make a new character and don’t be lazy. The only thing I think should change is that you should just be able to change your power of skill point. I have 60+ skill point and just want to change some of my powers around to try them out but it sucks when you have to go thru and put all the skill points back in. On another note. Love the website.

    Flipmaster/relentless villains (redemption)

  3. jered says:

    yea i am dissapointed too….i am a gadgets controller with acrobatics and i wish i could switch to superspeed because of speed drain, acrobatics sucks….

    • Yoruuichi says:

      I must say…I really don’t care about the movement im happy with my Acrobatics BUT really wish you could change your “Element” Or choice of power…(Fire,Ice,Gadgets…Etc.) Im getting sick of nature but i love a character too much to start over i was hoping to try Sorcery or Mental. But can’t because of the fact that i can only reset my Skill Point not my Skill in general. </3

  4. PasserGuess says:

    Guys, it’s $500 a respec, it’s good enough they allow us to respec skillpoints, which are important in order to find out which build is best for you, at such a low cost.

    You can’t expect yourself to play in an MMO as a warrior and then decide to change to magician at level 50 with stats and items without having to recreate your character at such a low cost right? Unless the game itself allows it and is the main draw of the game.

    You created an Ice-Powered guy with Superspeed named Iceboy. That’s Iceboy’s core. He was given the power of Ice and blessed with Superspeed, you can’t expect him to be able to respec into other powers :/

    • Alebaro says:

      I totally agree with you, i’ve payed almost $500 for a Soder Cola as a lv 17. And if someone names his Fire – Super-speed hero “The Scarlet Fever”, how will he/she look when the hero is Ice – Acrobatics or something

  5. Didn'tknowthat says:

    I really wish you could change your choice of power because I had no idea to get the special armour you need a specific role, which comes from having specific powers. So why would they make the Batman special armours only available to those in a tank role when anyone who chooses a Batman style and hence has gadgets as their power can only be controller or damage? If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have made my character in the fashion I have. And I totally understand that you can’t change a wizard to a warrior and I agree with that but maybe they should offer like once per character you can change their power, just sucks having to go over and do all the missions again. I don’t have that kind of time to give to a game that I am already paying for.

    • Vulpis says:

      A bit late replying, but…if that’s what you think, you might need to get your eyes checked. The mentor-related armors generally come in a ‘plain’ flavor for no role at all and in role-specific versions that have stats tweaked more in line for that role. Scroll down a bit on the vendor.

  6. bluebird27 says:

    PasserGuess u mentioned lvl 50 is that even possible 2 become that lvl on DCUO?

    • Alebaro says:

      Damn, wanna start reading bro? He said “an MMO”, not DCUO. Either way, you can’t be a warrior or a magician in DCUO

  7. f8teman says:

    Hey guys,

    im allright with my powers etc., but my question is :
    Am I able to change my body build like from small to big?…

    PS: Im level 10 by the way..

    Thanks 🙂

  8. stewbondra says:

    i did the respec thing … NOW i cant redistribute my power points!!!

  9. DireM says:

    Seriously, this looks like a bunch of whining that people can’t change their race/class from other MMO’s. Movement = Race : Power = Class. Just like any other MMO, if you don’t like the combination, roll a new toon. It’s the side effect of learning a game as you go. If you really don’t like something you’ll roll a new toon. If it’s a minor annoyance, you’ll find a solution without needing the change. I rolled 3 different Night Elfs in WoW because I got tired of the class I was. I never got the chance to say, hey instead of being a Hunter I’ll respec to be a Druid, it wouldn’t make sense for this to be able to happen. SAME EXACT CONCEPT you people are whining about.

  10. FamousBatman says:

    I agree with the guy above. Quit complaining. If you don’t like your character then make a new one. I think the average player has 1-3 characters they switch between. Acrobatics is awesome too. You flip and dodge bullets. Speed sucks. Only thing they should change is to add more iconic armor styles. Superman has 4 difference armors for 4 different roles. Come on now if you’re gonna do it like that then ALL mentors should 4 different armors for 4 different roles.

    FamousBatman: Mental Controller Cr45 (heroes)

  11. vince says:

    you can respec you power type if you’d go to the soda machine to your left as you come in the police station right across from the front dezk. the currency you use to purchase this change is what i’m currently trying to figure out but go to the machine and go down the list it should be tokens then it should saying change movement type change power type change personality type and something else

  12. ElectricGoddess says:

    You can change your movements type, name, etc at the market place. Making this whole argument over with.

  13. K1llstr3ak1313 says:

    What level do you have to be to add another power? That’s if that’s even possible of course. Or do you have to buy another power from the store/marketplace?

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