Area 51 – DCUO Hard Mode Alerts

The general playthrough of this Hard Mode Alerts is very similar to the Normal Alert playthrough. The 4 Stages of this are exactly the same.

Stage 1

You start off in a small Base. You need to destroy a certain number of Mobs and Activate a certain number of EMPs and then the boss spawns.

Boss 1 – Brainiac Servator Beta
This fight is straight forward. You fight the boss, and as time goes on he will put himself in a protective shield. When he does this, he spawns 2 groups of mobs at either side of the catwalk, drop those and then the boss is vulnerable again and you can kill him and move on.

Stage 2

The second part you have to go between 2 buildings and protect these Scientists as they work on consoles. As you do this you need to click the Brainiac mobs you kill and revive the fallen Soldiers and then the boss spawns.

Boss 2 – Brainiac Servitor Beta
This fight is also straight forward. You fight the boss and the little ship in the sky shoots down at you while you do. Once you kill the boss you move on to stage 3.

Stage 3

For the third part you run around and activate the 16 computer consoles in the area and defeat mobs and click on the defeated Sparks and the boss spawns.

Boss 3 – Brainiac Servitor Beta
During this boss fight he spawns mobs all around that swarm you as you fight, just keep the mobs down and you can take out the boss.

Stage 4

For this you have to defeat 25 mobs and take 4 pieces of Kryptonite to the stage room. After that, the platform to the boss opens up.

Boss 4 – Brainiac Servitor Alpha
This is the final boss of Area 51. During this fight, the boss has a couple main attacks and a couple special ones. As you fight him he has a Cone Attack he uses and a Range Blast. Just tank and DPS him until he activates his Shield and becomes invulnerable.

He has 3 Shield modes. First he goes into the Shield and Spawns a group of Weak Brainiacs. His Second Shield Attack he spawns Bigger Brainiacs that are a little stronger. His last Shield Attack the ship begins to fire at you, if you run around you can dodge the attacks easlly and move on.

His other Special Attack is when he turns Blue and is Transparent. When he does this, he will Teleport behind a Team Member and do a Devistating Attack that can 1 shot most people. Just keep DPSing him until he Teleports and then run away to avoid the hit.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to King proud member of Wolves of War for writing this guide and allowing us to post it on our site. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it. You can find King on the Server: Death & Glory as a Hero in the League “WolvesOfWar” just “/Tell King HI!

We would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Booyah and Saviors on Cry for Blood for all instructional videos on how to complete Hard Mode Alerts.

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