There are 8 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Hall of Justice Access Pass
  2. Slideways Teleport Beacon
  3. Hydroponics Lab Gene Scanner
  4. Thanagar Invasion War Room Program
  5. Hall of Heroes Statuary Guide
  6. Monitor Wombs Comm Keycode
  7. Docking Bay Hailing Frequency
  8. Containment Cells Visitor’s Pass

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: We would like to thank OmegaSyndrone, Archangalus and Kismet for Collection’s items and screenshots.

Type: Collection
City: Watchtower
Zone: Watchtower


Prince Ulgo helmet

Collection: Watchtower, rewards image 2233 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: Thanks Archangalus!
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12 Responses to Watchtower

  1. Salamand says:

    Has anyone else had a bitch of a time trying to get the Monitor wombs comm keycode? I’ve been searching all over the place for about a week now. Found many random spawn points for every other item but never this one.

  2. Redemption_Server says:

    Where can you find these

  3. Ronell says:

    I found them all in the watch tower. The best way to spot them is by flying. You can find four in the tech wing- two by each exit- way above the door, close to the celling on each side. Same for the meta wing and Magic wing.

  4. Galarin says:

    One above the Diamond District Teleporter (stand on teleporter and fly up), two above the entrances in either end of each room, and one way up just east of the Hologram of Earth in the Monitor Womb. But still Can’t seem to find the Monitor Womb Comme Keycode. Making me a bit nuts, here. Any ideas??

  5. Mark says:

    Meta wing dead centre above hologram right by the ceiling

  6. Solmyrr says:

    i cant find Hall of Justice Access Pass and Hydroponics Lab Gene Scanner. where are they ?

  7. Jake says:

    What do you mean by “way above the door”?

  8. Rich says:

    In the Watchtower, these are the locations I’ve found. Look:
    1. at each end of the three Wings there are ledges pretty high up on either side of the room.
    2. in each Wing, there is a “display” in the middle of the room. Look up high and/or on the ledges above the the displays.
    3. in the Meta room, near the Tech door, there is a pipe coming out of the wall. Look behind the pipe.
    4. at the rings and ledges above the Midtown and Diamond District teleporters.
    5. in the Central Hub, Hall of Justice, where the three heroes stand.
    6. along the ground level in the Containment Facility–found 3 spawn spots in this room.
    7. in the Hangar on the floor, the opposite side of the room from the Central City teleporter. There is also a small “control booth” opposite the doors. I don’t know what else to call it, I suppose it can be called a ledge too.
    8. in the Reactor room, under the ramps.
    9. in the Aquacultural Area, in the gardens and behind the store kiosks.
    10. in the Hall of Heroes behind the statues.
    11. in Aquacultrural Area and Hall of Heroes, along the ceiling, there are ledges.

    Good Luck!

  9. Rikuseroth says:

    Which if you’re a villain and have already completed the hall of doom collection and got the Ulgo helm, do you still get an Ulgo helm if you finish the watchtower collection?

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