Metropolis Matchups

There are 8 collections items in this Collection.

  1. S.T.A.R. Labs Matchbook
  2. Stryker’s Island Matchbook
  3. Big Belly Burger Matchbook
  4. LexCorp Building Matchbook
  5. Daily Planet Matchbook
  6. Planet Krypton Matchbook
  7. Cain Theatre Matchbook
  8. Ace o’ Clubs Pub Matchbook
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Metropolis


Mana – Woven Boots, Style Wizardly

Collection: Metropolis Matchups, rewards image 2234 thumbnail
Collection: Metropolis Matchups, rewards image 2235 thumbnail
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6 Responses to Metropolis Matchups

  1. Grrrrr says:

    I spent most of my early collecting in Gotham, mostly because it was easier to see the orbs in the eternal darkness over there as opposed to the brilliantly lit Metropolis. Now that I’ve been spending more time searching in the Big Apricot, I’ve started to get a feel for the best hunting grounds. This collection turned out to be one of the easier ones IMHO and the most lucrative areas to search I found to be in the Suicide Slums and in Little Bohemia near Metropolis University. Specifically, search up and down the clump brownstone condos (Quay?) near the Univ.

  2. Angel says:

    The shoes look ridiculous on guys. They are awesome, sleek thigh highs on girls, and goofy Alladin and the 40 Theives shoes for guys with curled toes.

  3. Kostas says:

    they look like circe’s feet style. wish thy were and legs similiar to her 🙁 but stil my circe looks great with her briefs lol

  4. Ruined devil says:

    I found the metropolis matchbook in suicide slums, southeast of ace of clubs, south of the bottled building. The building has a “metro mass transit sign system” on top

  5. Alurazle says:

    OMG, hours and hours of trying to find the daily planet matchbook in china town and thanks to this I got in in 5 seconds!!!!

  6. Axrik says:

    I can’t find any of them anywhere. I checked all the locations you guys said, looked for hours and I still have none.

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