DC Universe Online Lives

It is January 11. 2011. and DC Universe Online, Action MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment, is seeing first customers create their characters on the Live servers. After months of Beta testing and years of development you will be able to take a role of a superhero or supervillain , guided by iconic characters from the DC Comics universe, such as Superman, Batman, Joker, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Circe. All the new players should check out this awesome official game guide that will give you the basics on game features and mechanics.

The launch of the game also marks the launch of our DCUO dedicated fansite. We’ll try and provide you with guides and walkthroughs and some fresh news like you are used to seeing on our other MMORPG dedicated websites (LOTRO, Aion, SWTOR and WoW fansites). For this start we give you a few guides and walkthroughs with screenshots from the game showing where to find all the pieces for you Collections, Briefings and Investigations (these are special achievements in the game that you complete by finding all pieces that are scattered around the map – they reward experience and achievement points).

I am gonna go log back in and continue hunting for these Collections to post on the site and you can check out the ones we already added by clicking the links bellow:

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  1. andrey says:

    подскажите плиз насчёт скилов в игре или где можно прочесть про них на русском

  2. dregj says:

    hes asking about games skills info and how to find them in ruski /commie speak

  3. dregj says:

    Я не знаю, где найти русский сайты извините мой друг

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