DCUO error: Cannot start due to d3dx10_41.dll missing

If you get the error pop up “The program can’t start because d3dx10_41.dll is missing from your computer” every time you try to launch the game, you should go to Microsoft web-site and download the full DirectX redist (about 100 meg) and run it. That should fix the error. This is the official response on the matter by one of the DCUO developers:

If the webinstaller version of DirectX isnt updating you correctly, try running the full redist from Microsoft. It will copy over all the directX files you need for XP, Vista, and W7. You can download it at www.microsoft.com/downloads/…91-50ceb6d8fa8d


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34 Responses to DCUO error: Cannot start due to d3dx10_41.dll missing

  1. david says:

    this is still not fixing the error. any other ideas

  2. adam says:

    im having this issue and it didnt fix after update was installed

  3. Tim says:

    After I installed the game and tried to launch it didn’t start
    Please help

  4. justin says:

    where are you sapost to put the fie?

  5. brooks says:

    im having a problem with the d3dx10_41.dll too i downloaded it and still nothing can someone plz help?

  6. Heey!=) says:

    It works, gret!!

  7. shaphan says:

    I downloaded it now it says i need d3dcompiler_41.dll missing. What do i do plz help =(

  8. please i downloaded it but it keeps saying tht its missing from my computer

  9. Kurt says:

    lol when I finish install directX it say an errore have came installation fail -_- help plz

  10. ellie says:

    Hey, I’ve also got this error, so I downloaded DirectX from the Microsoft website, yet it says I already have a version that is up-to-date… But My game still wont play?
    My screen icon also is just a white paper with a box on it.
    It was fine before. Is this an error to do with installation?

  11. the bad says:

    peki bunu nerden indiricem dirctx 100 mü ne link ini atarsanız çok sevinirim

  12. the bad says:

    peki bunu nereden indirecem yani directx 100 mü ne onun link ini atarsanız çok sevinirim

  13. omi says:

    hey ayuda con el problema ese por fa no me inicia el juepo que me faltan unas cosas q hago por fa agregenme en facebook me llamo Yonjaiver Garcia

  14. zue says:

    Thanks a lot. Works perfectly ! 🙂

  15. Maya says:

    I’m not trying to run a game – I’m just trying to pick up my email. What’s going on?

  16. jagger13 says:

    Just go back to dc universe or in you browsers downloads and reinstall worked for me. dont delete or uninstall the game just reinstall when it prompts

  17. Qwertygiy says:

    Make sure that the computer user account you are installing the game under has administrator privileges! DirectX will fail to install rather than ask administrator permission when it attempts to install on a non-administrative account. Don’t worry, you don’t have to redownload DCUO, you just have to run the setup again on an admin account and let it properly install DirectX.

  18. mhel Panopio says:

    Can you please link the Directx redist? :3 🙁

  19. Youssef says:

    jai téléchargai se jeux car ses cool

  20. Patrick says:

    guys download the file and place it were dc universe is /luanchpad and then luanch dc universe and it works

  21. Patrick says:

    it tricks it into thinking that the file is downloaded inside the game to play

  22. Patrick says:

    you might want to place the file in before you ever luanch the game

  23. chester says:

    need help dll files missing still not working

  24. alex says:

    i need help i really wanna play but it say dcdx10 43 is missing from my computer

  25. alex says:

    wait i think it going to work i hope

  26. alex says:

    oh and i mean d3dx10 43

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