Gotham Fans

There are 8 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Gotham Knights Pennant
  2. Gotham Gators Pennant
  3. Gotham Guardsman Pennant
  4. Gotham Blades Pennant
  5. Gotham Razorbacks Pennant
  6. Gotham Griffins Pennant
  7. Gotham Guardians Pennant
  8. Gotham Goliaths Pennant
Type: Collection
City: Gotham
Zone: Gotham


Jester Gloves

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10 Responses to Gotham Fans

  1. Celix says:

    They seem to drop in Robinson Park. Already found 4, and it’s not even those I’m looking for xD

  2. Nigel says:

    Just logic thinking out loud here but they’re probably found near the Knightsdome.

  3. Jason says:

    Hey guys, have a random question hoping this universe can help with. I’m trying to put together a replica Gotham Blades jersey, but can’t find much info about them. Does this pennant in game show a color scheme of any kind? Thanks in advance!


  4. Dcuo Chick says:

    If u complete Gotham fans and Metropolis fans then u can get a police hat!!! I can’t wait 2 get it! 😀

  5. Jeff Hough says:

    I have extra pennants to trade. I have Gotham Knights, Gotham Guardsmen, and Gotham Razorbacks. Looking to trade for Gators, Guardians, and Blades. Character name is Miami Maverick.

  6. SweetHeartxo says:

    I can’t find Gotham Blades Pennant, I went to Robinson Park and Knights Dome

  7. xxdeckz says:

    Hey can someone help me find the falcone glasses I so close my name xxDeckz

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