Penguin Umbrellas

There are 8 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Machinegun Umbrella
  2. Hypnosis Umbrella
  3. Gas Umbrella
  4. Missile Umbrella
  5. Flamethrower Umbrella
  6. Laser Umbrella
  7. Acid Spray Umbrella
  8. Sniper Umbrella

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: We would like to thank ChipSet for the screenshot!
Type: Collection
City: Gotham
Zone: East End and Burnley


Jester Pants

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3 Responses to Penguin Umbrellas

  1. Aerial says:

    The pic is showing the flexsuit pants…

  2. Grrrrr says:

    These umbrellas have gone really scarce as of late. Seems that it’s been weeks since I’ve turned one up. The Knights Dome used to reliably turn up one here and there but now it only seems to spawn Vickie Vale bylines, Gotham Ticket Stubs and the occasional Staggstop Map.

  3. Jeff Hough says:

    I seemed to find them more frequently after attempting the Penguin challenge. Try behind East End Police Station where there is an “L” shaped walkway on the ground level. That is where I got a couple I think. Also try about two blocks south of the station where the incursion zone is.

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