MDP Science Corps

There are 6 collections items in this Collection.

  1. MPD File: Detective Dan the Terrible Turpin
  2. MPD File: Captain Maggie Sawyer
  3. MPD File: Inspector William Henderson
  4. MPD File: Detective Paul Cage
  5. MPD File: Detective Sam Phelan
  6. MPD File: Detective Matthew Martin
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Metropolis


Science police helm

Collection: MDP Science Corps, rewards image 2256 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: Thanks willthetiger!
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5 Responses to MDP Science Corps

  1. Genericblack says:

    So these are all around metro? i REALLY need this helmet for my look

  2. VikingSS says:

    Me too.. Just need the “sam phelan” and I’m done with both.

  3. Busterb12 says:

    Wats a good place to start?

    • Tony says:

      I managed to find all of the files around Downtown, especially around The Daily Planet. I found one on the small white building next to The Daily Planet near the bottom above the “Gallery” sign. The next building aligning with The Daily Planet & the white building also had another one on the middle ledge. I found another on the opposite direction of The Daily Planet. There are 4 buildings that are interconnect with a enclosed tunnel in the middle of them. On one of the brown buildings, on the lower ledge facing the one of the other interconnected building. The other building I found these was on the building facing the Reservoir next to one of the Villain Safe Houses. Its on the left ledge facing the water.

      It seems it is only in the Downtown area as I searched all over until I finally found one in Downtown. Once there, I found them fairly quickly. On the same buildings I found different files in the same spot once they re-spawn. They could another from the same MDP Science Corps or a completely different file, so just keep searching around these buildings and you’ll find them.

  4. collection says:

    I would actually like to know what style is the chest piece in the picture and where to get it from.

    Thanks in advance!

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