Flatfoot Files

There are 2 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Collection: Gotham Central
  2. Collection: MPD Science Cops
Type: Collection
City: Metacollection
Zone: Metacollection


Police hat

Collection: Flatfoot Files, rewards image 2257 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: Thanks willthetiger!
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4 Responses to Flatfoot Files

  1. Fuzzy says:

    Well I got the Police hat from the Gotham central collection and from this meta-collection a chest style called “Detective” – that’s some kond of trenchcoat. Don’t know if they changed it or if maybe the information here is wrong…

  2. Tony says:

    I’m new to the game and I’ve been trying to find the Police Hat. Is there a specific area to find the clues for the hat. Also, can it be purchased in the game instead?

    • twinblade924 says:

      You have to get collection markers for that specific, it is incredibly unlikely that you will literally find a hat.

      The collections are actually the hardest form of investigations and briefings in the game, and is completely randomized because of the locations.

  3. I’ve been wanting it too

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