Only 4 servers for DCUO players?

RadarX announced servers merge for US and European PC and PS3 DCUO players:

We have heard your concerns about queue times on the servers. This game is about people playing and fighting together so we feel your pain. Sometime in the next month, we are going to test new technology to meld all of our US and European PC and PS3 servers into four Super-Servers, one for each platform in each region.

This will allow for more opportunities to queue and participate in other group related game mechanics. We are hoping to get this on our PC Test Server to start testing, again, sometime in the next month and then will tune it up for the PS3 platform as well. As soon as we know more about testing and timing we will let you know. But, believe this – it is one of our top priorities. Again, thanks for your patience, we appreciate your support.

We’ll have more details at a future date.


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4 Responses to Only 4 servers for DCUO players?

  1. Your mother says:

    I think thats a really good idea, it would be way better with alot more people running around.. even if I was getting my ass beat all the time 😛

  2. Phylemon says:

    I wonder how this will affect Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player options. I hope that there is a way provided to not join in with PvP, as there are few things more frustrating than trying to complete a mission and being attacked by overly exhuberant fellow players who haven’t learned to live and let live.

  3. Redemption_Server says:

    I think they will manually move all PVP characters to one Server and PVE to 3 separate servers having the three most busy Small ones placed in each making sure they average out the activity of the 3.

  4. God says:

    Only thing u guys need to fix is the queue wait time. I waited 30 minutes just to play…. And judging from the forums, ALOT of others are also having that problem.

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