DCUO Content Update 3 Info

During the last few days I came across some interesting information about DCUO Update 3:

  1. Update 3 includes a change that makes going into the vault every day rewarding even if you’re done collecting the green quality styles. [Tunso]
  2. A new Oolong Island Hard Mode Alert
    Oolong Island is where paradise meets mad science, and is home to some of the most off the wall DC Comics characters like Chang Tzu and T.O. Morrow. With characters this over the top and the massive brainpower unleashed in such an unrestrained setting, destructive robotics are bound to ensue.
  3. Featured Character: Ra’s al Ghul
    Who could resist sneaking in the back door of DC’s favorite international terrorist and assassin? This content is not for the weak though; the difficulty ramps up quickly and even experienced devs needed to pay close attention in our play tests in order not to wipeout in the first room. But hey, nobody said battling ninjas would be easy.
  4. Two-Face Duo
    This duo features some really compelling level design as players follow Harvey Dent aka Two-Face into The Penguin’s underground smuggling operation below the streets of Gotham City. Clayface makes a fantastic shape shifting appearance along the way that delivers on his character in a way we think the players will expect and appreciate. We really tried to capture The Penguin as a master criminal operating on a huge scale, but we still couldn’t resist the allure of robotic penguins – gotta love them!
  5. Poison Ivy vs. Swamp Thing
    Building on what we learned with past special events, this spring event pits two fan favorite characters in a battle that spans Gotham City. As Poison Ivy’s sinister plot unfolds tons of great combat action ensues, building on the game strengths in terms of action and iconic appeal. [Source ]
  6. As always there will be a number of enhancements, optimizations, bug fixes and general game improvements in the update as well.
  7. Update 3 is well underway, but doesn’t have a target release date yet. However, I can say that Ra’s Al Ghul, Swamp Thing, and a very intimidating version of Chang Tzu will make an appearance. [Wes Yanagi]
  8. Update 3 will have a few changes to help bolster the Plant tree in the Damage role. Both Briar and Harvest are losing their cast times so they won’t be interruptible any longer. Both will apply the 50% damage bonus in the Damage role, so you’ll have some damaging +50% bonus options. Finally Briar will cause some instant damage in addition to its normal damage over time. [Tunso]
  9. Now that the PSN is back up we will be able to get Update 3 into approvals soon. We should have more info soon out on this. I know everyone is very anxious to get there hands on the new update and we will push as hard as we can to get it to you soon. Sorry for the delay. [DeatMeat]
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2 Responses to DCUO Content Update 3 Info

  1. Mark says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to play the April Update.

  2. Rick says:

    I hope there’s Earth Day content.

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