Big Belly BurgerTime

There are 5 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Big Belly Dinner Mint Cookies
  2. Big Belly Raisin Maven Cookies
  3. BigBelly HappyTime Meal Cookies
  4. BigBelly Peanutblaster Cookies
  5. Choco-brand Big Belly Cookie Bits

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: This collection can be found in Western Otisburg anywhere near Big Belly Burger
Type: Collection
City: Gotham
Zone: Otisburg


Dresden 7 back

Collection: Big Belly BurgerTime, rewards image 2405 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: Thanks Electric!
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28 Responses to Big Belly BurgerTime

  1. Panda says:

    Can anyone tell me exactly where this big belly burger is in west otisburg? a screenie would help :D!!!

    • Deezy says:

      There is no BBB in western otisburg. I’ve been all artound the place and I can only find this collection near ace chem and the stadium. Now I’m stuck looking for Choco-brand Big Belly Cookie Bits and it’s no where to be found.
      It sells for OUTRAGEOUS prices at the broker. -_-

      If anyone can tell me where a BBB is in western otisburg that would be cool.

  2. Jehu says:

    I just found the last piece That I needed. It took about 2 days but I was able to get them. Quick Note there’s one that across from the metrodome thats glitched and hangs in the air. It’s next to a large building. I’ll try and get a screen shot of it.

    Thanks for all the help guys

  3. NJ says:

    same here… flown around for ages looking for big belly burger in western Otisburg… where is it?

  4. Zindor says:

    The BBB collections should be available at all BBB shops, even in metropolis. I havent found too many BBB shops in gotham (otherwise, I forgot). They can also be collected around ACE Chemicals, but not that big a chance for it. They are quite rare to find, but if there is any collection symbols around a BBB shop, its most likely a BBB collection. its a big world for big burger collections.

  5. NJ says:

    There seems to be no order to it…. i’ve found 3 of 5 and all 3 have been on or near the Stagg tower south of the Knightsdome….. highly frustrating

  6. NJ says:

    Wow found 2 this morning on the Light and Power building… the on with Resercher Kittelsen stood on it. West 2 blocks from Stagg tower

  7. kilbourne says:

    for a month now I have found nothing can you pls give more info & screen shots. I’m begging you this is really stressful!

  8. Grrrrr says:

    The only piece of the collection I’ve turned-up is the Peanut Blaster Cookies. I can’t remember where the first one spawned, but I know the second one manifested on the gangway around the storage vats at Ace Chemicals.


    I have found one at on top of a tower at ace chem, 1 floating in the air on top of a building next to knights dome, 2 at stag ent, 2 at the ligth power co, 1 on a building near the first omac mission and one in the large open parking lot across from ace chem.

    however i only have four of five for the collection the rest are multiples that ive sold for $500 on the market. If your in no mans land and you see Hallows contact me and maybe we can trade to help each others collections…

  10. Evillive says:

    found cookie bits on sidewalk across the street from knightsdome.

  11. Genex says:

    ive been looking for cookie bits for a week now, its not even in the broker…..i tried asking the players but no one has it :/ i guess its back to hunting…..

  12. Genex says:

    ok problem solved…….i just bought it from the broker

  13. Grrrrr says:

    Just completed this one for my main. The final piece, predictably, was the Choco Cookie Bites and it dropped on the ledge of the Stagg Tower in Otisburg just above street level. A number of the pieces of this collection dropped in this location for me! It’s a tough one. Now to get Arkham. Arg.

  14. omega xs says:

    guys i did not find any place called BBB on Otisburg
    but i find this :

    Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

  15. DaeosX says:

    I have had the best luck on the ground of the NW corner of the Gotham Light and Power (sign on building says “Otisberg Energy”) where I got two of them. Due north there is a building marked restaurant/cafe that has a spawn point on the ground on the east side near the dumpster where I got two more.

  16. ARGH! I still can’t find the Choco-brand Cookie Bits one!!

  17. Someone says:

    I got choco-brand cookie near ACE while looking for trickster.

  18. Hallows Twilight says:

    I found them all by flying a triangle over Stag inc building to the Electric Co building and the OMAC battleground where you fight frost. They re-spawn at random every 1-5 min approx. As I had stated earlier the other places pop as well but stick to this area primarily you will find them all quick. I ended up getting the whole collection three times so I could transfer them to my other characters within about 2 hours of play by doing this method.

  19. Rvdo says:

    Where did find them exactly on those building or around them Hallows? And where around the omac battleground?

  20. newtrion says:

    Hi guys I’ve collated a lot of information regarding the Dresden 7 collection of which this is part. I have produced some YouTube videos (handheld with my iPhone), that give you a route through which to collect these things. If you think it can help I’ll post a link?

    • Matt says:

      I’ve watched a lot of your videos and they have helped a ton and saved me lots of time. Great job, especially with the alien technology collection – those were a lifesaver!

  21. Alex P. says:

    I got the choco brand — superhard to get but i got it from the church looking building besides service center

  22. King Chlorophyll says:

    Yeah, I found it down one building and to the left two buildings on the map of the Knightsdome. Thanks! That was mad helpful!

  23. ertikstaley says:

    i have been searching for over ten days…… not 1 to be found

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