DCUO Depths of Arkham Collection Locations

For those who are looking for Depths of Arkham Collection, Xionsmith, Vobe and Electric have made a map of all of the spawn points that they have found so far.
Collections only spawn one at a time on the Island, and there are about 4 spots were it can spawn underwater at the treatment plant. The spawn time is about 10 minutes.


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19 Responses to DCUO Depths of Arkham Collection Locations

  1. Doc Troytka says:

    haven’t found a single thing, been looking for ages.

  2. Lordwarner says:

    Nice map! I have had a hard time finding these. When you say 10 minutes between do you mean it takes 10 minutes for the next collection to spawn after you have found 1? How will you know its under water? Can you see it?

    Thanks guys

    • Bustin 9s says:

      10 minutes between the collection respawning and yes, you can see the glitched collection under the water inside the vat with the yellow water.

  3. Gnilre says:

    Ive found some colletcions under water, but cant pick em up 🙁 Anyone got an idea, or it might be bugged?

  4. Captain Ron says:

    I just found 3 of 5 on the island! Respawn time is around 10 mins or so. I also found some other collections that are not Arkham related.

  5. ALF says:

    The collections to not spawn under the water anymore – the glitched spawns are fixed.

  6. Whiteman says:

    The arrows or the yellow dots? Or both?

  7. Mental Claw says:

    If the collections under water will it respawn somewhere else in ten minutes

  8. can anyone hook me up with “the observations journal of jeremiah arkham”? its the last collection i need and i can never find on the island or the auction house

    • Tacca says:

      I found that one at the graveyard. Though I know it’s random what it spawns.
      Also than you for the map, saved me from grinding cash for auction house.

  9. Mark says:

    can you switch worlds and find more before the 10min spawn time?

  10. No Mark. Switching worlds, phazes or anything does NOT help. The only thing you ca count on is perseverance. I completed the Arkham set just last week…..after MONTHS of searching (and a few very good trades of course).

  11. Kenshero says:

    I have found lots of collections by collecting, phase shift then collecting again.
    Maybe not on the island because of the 1 spawn at a time thing, but have done all over open world. Works for bites too.

  12. Kenshero says:

    Oops. FYI.

  13. Hi!xD I ‘ve found them all, but it took me like2 month to get full Collection, or if you are lazy you can buy it at the broker. Btw im lvl 30 cr 86 Nature healer 106 SP

  14. Astronomy says:

    shh this is a secret the devs dont want you to know about but they have removed the 10 minute wait time, they did so when the exobits was released or glitched it, either way collect a few exobits and a collection will be generated on the island, 9/10 it is one of the Depths of the Asylum collection, it took my toon 24 minutes to collect all the pieces this way. So dont go telling people if you want some quick greens and if it is a glitch then leave it be so people dont have to fret over this dumb collection like Superboy Statue Plaque Rubbing.

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