DCUO Feats: Gotham Exploration Feat

Explore the Diamond District

  1. Wayne Enterprises
  2. R.H. Kane Building
  3. One Gotham Center
  4. Iceberg Lounge
Gotham Diamond District

Find the Bat-Signal

  1. Find the Bat-Signal in East End Gotham

Explore Arkham Island

  1. Asylum Botanical Garden
  2. Arkham Asylum
  3. Island Dock
  4. D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant
Gotham Arkham Island

Visit the Wayne Memorial

  1. Visit the Wayne Memorial in Crime Alley in East End
Wayne Memorial In Crime Alley
We would like to thank Angelus Benton and C for sending us the screenshots for the feat Visit the Wayne Memorial


Explore Gotham Chinatown

  1. Museum of Natural History
  2. Chinese Cultural Center
Gotham Chinatown

Explore Old Gotham

  1. GCPD Headquarters
  2. Courthouse
  3. Clocktower
  4. Gotham City Hall
  5. Cathedral Square
Gotham Old Gotham

Explore the East End

  1. Original Wayne Enterprises Building
  2. Ellis Memorial Convalescent Home
  3. Cape Carmine Lighthouse
  4. LexCorp Reclamation Project
  5. Malone Improvement District
  6. East End Free Clinic
  7. The Bowery
  8. Old Soder Cola Plant
Gotham East End

Explore the Burnley District

  1. Gotham University
  2. Von Gruenwald Tower
  3. WGTU Radio
  4. Gotham Natural Science Museum
  5. Gotham Mercy General Hospital
  6. Giordano Botanical Gardens
  7. Burnley Freight Yards
  8. Gotham Arms Apartments
Gotham Burnley

Explore the Otisburg District

  1. Stagg Enterprises Gotham HQ
  2. GCPD 12th Precinct
  3. Monarch Playing Card Company
  4. 15 Kane Street (Abandoned )
  5. Gotham Light and Power
  6. Knightsdome Sporting Complex
  7. Millicent Mayne Plaza
  8. Ace Chemicals
  9. Amusement Mile
Gotham Otisburg

Explore Robinson Park

  1. Reservoir-side Gazebo
  2. The Forum of the 12 Caesars
  3. The Pillars of Hades
Feat Explore Robinson Park


We would like to thank TempestDragon for sending us the screenshot for the exploration feat – Robinson Park.


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Jest3rX0 for writing this guide and collecting all locations. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.


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10 Responses to DCUO Feats: Gotham Exploration Feat

  1. Sam Site says:

    Nice work, but, you don’t have an exploration map of Metropolis?

  2. C says:

    Update to the Gotham Exploration – Wayne Memorial in Crime Alley.
    Have found it. Here’s my screenshot.


    The green X in the corner map marks Crime Alley. My toon is standing in front of the marker. (Roses.)

  3. Luis says:

    Excelent job. Really apreciate. 🙂

  4. MentalPerception says:

    On Explore Old Gotham.
    1 Is placed wrong it needs to go lower towards the square building on the map, that is the actual area of GCPD Station, I spent 30 Minutes figuring out if I was on the wrong building or not.

  5. freewaydog says:

    Here is what I don’t understand about Robinson Park: See, this http://dcuo.mmorpg-life.com/gallery/explore-robinson-park/41/93/ does NOT tell me where any of the 3 exploration points are! I found The Forum of the 12 Caesars & The Pillars of Hades by accident, luckily but what about Reservoir-side Gazebo? Can you tell me where that is? Why doesn’t the map in the link show anything?? Please advise, thanks.

  6. Sam says:

    I have found everything else in Gotham but i can’t seem to get the courthouse one in old Gotham I have put my toon where it shows on map but nothing comes up… Please help

  7. nick says:

    bat signal is at the roof top of east end police station(safe house)

  8. Action Bro says:

    my Explore Gotham aint giving me because its missing chinaton (gotham) can anyone help figuring out whats going on!!???

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