New PvE and PvP Sets Screenshots

All sets are located in the Meta wing. These are the Villain side gear sets. The PvE sets are located just on the second level in the Meta wing while the PvP set is located on the west side of the lower level. The only difference between the Hero and Villain versions of the sets is the iconic insignia.

PvE Sets:

Tank – Sunstone Bulwark
DPS – Sunstone Edge
Controller – Kryptonian Commander
Healer – Kryptonian Medico (The vendor is missing Feet)
Full sets costs 400 Marks of Krypton

Pics of the T3 PvE Sets and the T2 PvP Set

[Sources: papachad87, perre]

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  1. Redemption_Server says:


  2. RW_Bear says:

    Those look pretty awesome. It’s unusual to see good looking color combinations on display models as well.

  3. texas fireblaze blood will run says:

    where is the light powers and meagaserver please tell

  4. Donovan says:

    where is the first one located and is that the pvp suit?

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