DCUO Feats: Metropolis Exploration Feat

Explore Metropolis Chinatown

  1. Sheeda’s Den
  2. Mannheim’s Chinese Theater
  3. South Market District
  4. North Market District
  5. MPD 3rd Precinct
  6. Shen Li Po Gardens
  7. ShiHaoXia Business District
Metropolis China Town

Explore Downtown Metropolis

  1. Union Station
  2. Old STAR Labs
  3. LexCorp Tower
  4. Glenmorgan Square
  5. The Daily Planet (Bottled)
  6. Centennial Park: Superman Memorial Statue
  7. Centennial Park
Metropolis Down Town

Explore the Historic District

  1. Old Dutch Quarter
  2. Metropolis Mercantile Bank
  3. Metropolis Museum of Art
  4. Metro Urgent Care Center
  5. Water Treatment Facility
  6. C.A.O Dam South
  7. C.A.O Dam North
  8. Metropolis Municipal Courthouse
  9. Metropolis City Hall
Metropolis Historic Distr

Explore Little Bohemia

  1. Metropolis Metrodome
  2. Metropolis General Hospital
  3. Queensland Boardwalk
  4. MPD 5th Precinct
  5. Southbank Commercial District
  6. North Metropolis University
  7. South Metropolis University
  8. Little Bohemia NightClub
Metropolis Little Bohemia

Explore Midtown Metropolis

  1. MPD 7th Precinct
  2. Ellsworth Memorial Hospital
  3. Cain Street Mall
Metropolis Midtown

Explore Suicide Slums

  1. Steelworks
  2. The Metropolis Shipyards
  3. Brainiac Incursion Zone
  4. Ace O’ Clubs
Metropolis Suicide Slums

Explore the Tomorrow District

  1. Galaxy Communications
  2. Science Spire
  3. 8th Precinct Metropolis Science Police HQ
  4. Big Belly Corporate HQ
  5. STAR Labs
  6. Starrware
  7. Jerry White Memorial Eco Corridor
  8. Simon Municipal Bridge
  9. Avenue of Tomorrow
  10. New Troy Central Station

We would like to thank Synyde for sending us the screenshot.

Metropolis Tomorrow District M

Visit Stryker’s Island

  1. Visit Stryker’s Island

View From the Top

  1. Visit the highest point of LexCorp Tower

Man of Stone

  1. Visit the Superman Memorial Statue in Centennial Park

On Top of the World

  1. Visit the highest point of the Daily Planet


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Jest3rX0 for writing this guide and collecting all locations. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.


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