Ultimate DCUO Character Planner

A new Ultimate DCUO Character Planner has appeared and I want to make sure everyone is aware about it! Created by Benevictus, this planner has full tree functionality – all movement trees, all power trees (including Green Lantern powers), all weapon trees and real time statistic tracking.
The current download location ishttp://www.mediafire.com/file/l362nn3xg9pihhk/DCUOPlanner_V1.msi and if any issues pop up, please post them in this topic.


Features of this Character Planner include:

  • Mentor information and end game armor screenshots
  • Movement Modes with functional trees
  • Power Types(including Ring powers) with functional trees
  • Weapon Types with functional trees
  • “As you click” statistical tracking
  • Set your own Skill Points amount!
  • Save/Load features for builds
  • A restart button
  • Links to popular DCUO websites


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25 Responses to Ultimate DCUO Character Planner

  1. Jason says:

    How long till the database is completed??? Can’t wait to see the true power behind the character planner =) awesome work none the less =)

  2. Ser says:

    when electric is add?

  3. Neil J says:

    Great program……… is Lightning going to be added?

  4. Silvanarix says:

    Hey guys, Silvanarix here, creator of this program. I made it when I was playing DCUO (just so happens I did more programming than playing). I no longer play the game, but understand that the people I have passed this project off to failed to deliver in their promises. So I am coming back now to add Lightning and Earth to the program. I quit the game just after Light powers were released, so if anything other than just adding these powers needs to be done AKA weapon abilities or new weapons, or even description changes, please email me with the details at Silvanarix@gmail.com . I am not coming back to the game, it bores me unfortunately. But I will update this program for the community(you guys). This was only my second program that I have ever written so its code is atrocious and it will take me a little while to figure out my methods back then, but I will do my best to get this thing updated and back out there.

  5. Silvanarix says:

    And no – I dont want to worry about creating a gear database anymore, I tried to figure it out back when I wrote this program, but I am not very good at programming lol. So I will not be adding new features aside from the new power trees.

  6. Metalios says:

    Silvanarix if you would like I could take over this project. I play the game still from time to time. I also play SWTOR and am looking into creating something of similar interest for it which may include a gear progression portion seeing how the database has already been done.

  7. Metalios says:

    I do have some programming skills as well which also branch out into web app coding as well

    • Silvanarix says:

      Sounds great! I would love if you would take over, I enjoyed writing it for the community when I was playing the game, but now I just don’t have the heart to continue it. Unfortunately, this was the second program I have ever written and it is C# WPF, and extremely unorganized. the XAML will make you puke and the code should probably be 1/8th its size. (something like 90-100k lines of code for the main window =/)

      But if you are truly interested in taking over, send me an email, I wrote the project in visual studio 2010.

  8. Silvanarix says:

    Updated with the latest trees.

  9. mag cannon says:

    U should make an app for the android market

    • Silvanarix says:

      Would take me a bit to figure out how to do that lol. Either way I am rewriting the program soon. I need to organize it and make it easier to update.

  10. ru7i4n says:

    Hello, this program is simply fantastic. But if I indeed understand, the 5th tab is not finished, we can’t bring in it equipment?

    • Silvanarix says:

      its not that it cannot be done, its that I do not know how. I’m not a programmer, I merely did this to learn something about programming, but it does not make me a programmer. If I could figure out how to get it to read from a database or bring in the gear, I surely would do that for you guys.

  11. Silvanarix says:

    This program is now available in a browser! Check it out over at DCUOSource.com!!


  12. Silvanarix says:

    April 14th Update –
    Fixed some typos in certain powers and skills.
    Added a Forum Export feature, this exports in BBCode for use with the most common forums including DCUOSource.com’s forums.

    Grab the update and start posting your builds! Accent your amazing walkthroughs with the ideal build to accent it!

    Have fun everyone!

  13. Mal says:

    When are the going to update this to include shields? It’s a bit outdated since “The Last Laugh” went live.

  14. Silvanarix says:

    Is the shield the only thing missing? No new powers? Only one new weapon? No changes to stats, descriptions or existing trees? I have not played in well over a year.

    • Kingaurthir says:

      The skill trees have changed in weapons and they have added a new power called Quantum. There is fixing to be a 7th DLC pack to be added to the game called The Sons of Trigon, I think the powers are going to be dark energy magic for tanking. Not sure if you are aware but the Dr. fate DLC had added a utility belt allowing you to carry extra skill boosting trinkets and such. Home base was recently added which gives players there own person HQ. Also, Quantum powers are based on space & time and it is for controllers.

  15. HANNARCHY says:

    It is now November and not only is there no planner on the internet but there’s yet to be one in Android market. I hope to find it there BEFORE the ps3 takes over dcuo otherwise there would be no point. The more skill points I get the harder it will be for me to figure out how many points its needed to completely max out both roles. This includes having skill points in not only my main role but also into both might AND PRECISION as well as all damage and chance. I lose count at 30 so I need this.

  16. HANNARCHY says:

    damn Swype I said ps4 not ps3

  17. Zithar says:

    this is way out of date

  18. Apexilon says:

    Hey all, now I know this thread is getting on a bit since it was last updated (here at least), does anyone know if/when the resource would be updated? Author comments? Thanks.

  19. City of Heroes Vet says:

    well now, shot in the dark….now that the game is officially released on XBOX ONE what r the chances u will be updating ur toon builder? if not to much to ask u can pm on FB (dustin anderson) show me on skype/team viewer or w/e how to help u with the program id be happy to.

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