DCUO Guides: Maps of Race Locations

Whether you’ve decided to Run, Fly or do Acrobatics some DCUO Races will be a challenge for you. The below maps show every Race Locations (the Introductory and Rookie are left out as they are right outside the starting nightclubs/police stations).


S1 = Monarch Playing Cards Expert
S2 = Otisburg Adept
S3 = Otisburg Skilled
S4 = East End Adept
S5 = East End Master
S6 = Burnley Docks Adept
S7 = Burnley Docks Master
S8 = Robinson Park Master
S9 = Old Gotham Expert
F1 = Otisburg Expert
F2 = Otisburg Adept
F3 = Otisburg Skilled
F4 = Burnley Docks Adept
F5 = Burnley Docks Master
F6 = Gotham University Expert
F7 = Robinson Park Spires Master
F8 = Robinson Park Master
F9 = East End Adept
A1 = Otisburg Adept
A2 = Otisburg Expert
A3 = Otisburg Skilled
A4 = East End Adept
A5 = Brainiac Incursion Zone Master
A6 = Burnley Docks Adept
A7 = Gotham Mercy Expert
A8 = Burnley Docks Master
A9 = Robinson Park Master
BurnleyRacesEastEndRacesOldGothamRacesOtisburg RacesRobinsonParkRaces



S1 = Little Bohemia Master
S2 = Little Bohemia Adept
S3 = Little Bohemia Skilled
S4 = Little Bohemia Expert
S5 = Midtown Adept
S6 = Suicide Slims Master
S7 = Suicide Slims Expert
S8 = Tomorrow District Expert
S9 = Tomorrow District Skilled
S10 = Old STAR Labs Adept
S11 = Downtown Master
S12 =China Town Expert
F1 = Little Bohemia Expert
F2 = Little Bohemia Adept
F3 = Little Bohemia Skilled
F4 = Midtown Expert
F5 = Midtown Adept
F6 = Suicide Slums Docks Master
F7 = Suicide Slums Docks Master
F8 = Suicide Slums Expert
F9 = Tomorrow District Skilled
F10 = Downtown Adept
F11 = Downtown Master
F12 = China Town Expert
A1 = Little Bohemia Expert
A2 = Little Bohemia Adept
A3 = Little Bohemia Skilled
A4 = Midtown Adept
A5 = Suicide Slums Master
A6 = Suicide Slums Expert
A7 = STAR Labs Expert
A8 = Tomorrow District Skilled
A9 = Old STAR Labs Adept
A10 =Downtown Glen Morgan Master
A11 = Downtown Lexcorp Master
A12 =China Town Expert


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Taran for making this guide. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.

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10 Responses to DCUO Guides: Maps of Race Locations

  1. A. N. Onymous says:

    The Catwoman Acrobat Preliminary is missing. Near Ace Chemicals. Lv 30 Race.

  2. Steel1840 says:

    You should add the level caps that unlock the different race difficuilties. I guess It’s after every fifth level, because after a long and frustrating search on the map, eventually I only had access to the expert races from level 20 on.

  3. nick says:

    yo f6 gotham is str8 BS These Plant things attack me and kill me everytime cant get my last fucking feat

  4. Filemon says:

    I Like id $Like$ 100% So Good*_* & ^^^^^^^^^^ & & %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

  5. Filemon says:

    I Like Heroes Flash >__<

  6. dilibio says:

    soy de argentina y juego al dc univerce y quiero que me desn ropa de supermai y de capitan marvel tengo uno que se llama DILIBIO otro DILIBIO007

  7. madhatt3r says:

    A8 = Burnley Docks Master
    THANK YOU SOO MUCH! was a pain gliding all over to find this.

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