DCUO Server Downtime January 13th

RadarX has announced first US server downtime on January 13th for a hotfix. Downtime is anticipated to be less than 3 hours and players may notice the following changes:

All versions

* General: Added some client performance optimizations.
* Alerts: At the end of Area 51 players should now always find themselves in the same final boss instance as the rest of their group.
* Missions: In the Pest Control mission, Queen Bee has lost her ability to teleport through walls thus preventing player’s from defeating her.
* UI: Elements of the UI should no longer be visible during cutscenes.
* UI: After shape changing the style tab should no longer have “N/A” appearance slots.

PS3 Only

* Gameplay: Addressed an issue where players could occasionally fall through the world when zoning or moving around the cities.
* General: Improved client performance and stability.
* Missions: What’s the only thing worse than running into your character’s nemesis in game? Running into a door that won’t open. Players should no longer be foiled by those dastardly doors not opening in instances.

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