DCUO queues and 120K new PC players

During the last few days many DCUO players have experienced login queues and servers stability issues. DCUO team made several hotfixes but the MegaServers that allow all players to share the same realm within the game can not handle new requests. John Smedley, SOE’s President, announced on twitter today that over 120,000 PC players have signed up in last two days.
It’s great to see full servers again and we hope SOE will solve the problems soon, because this is their last chance to make comeback.

We are currently hotfixing both EU and US PC to correct an outstanding issue with queue positions. Players should now see a more accurate reflection of their place in the queue.



As folks have seen we have had some major issues today keeping our US Servers up and running. We are working very hard to correct the problem and we will be keeping the servers down until we can deploy new software to help us fix the issues. The response to our new Free to Play model has been overwhelming (literally) and we are very excited about all the new players in the game. We are working hard to make sure DC Universe Online is the best experience possible.

We will be reopening the server soon. Although we do not have a fix yet for this problem we have added additional code to try and catch and diagnose the problem. I apologize in advance if we crash again, but know that the information we get will help to make sure we solve this problem as quickly as possible.


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1 Response to DCUO queues and 120K new PC players

  1. Twisted Renegad says:

    Hope the get it fixed soon. Being a Legendary member and not getting in after waiting on the ps3 for an hour and 10 min is not good service. Just to get in and hear the noise but be stuck looking at Power Girl but being able to hear the safe house noise sucks. They should make it easier for paying members to get in then have the rest wait or something.

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