There are 7 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Superman Statue Plaque Rubbing
  2. Booster Gold Memorial Plaque Rubbing
  3. Superboy Statue Plaque Rubbing
  4. Battle of Metropolis Plaque Rubbing
  5. The Vanishing Plaque Rubbing
  6. Rain of the Supermen Plaque Rubbing
  7. Martian Invasion Memorial Plaque Rubbing
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Midtown


Steampunk helm

Collection: Centennial, rewards image 2478 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: we would like to thank willthetiger for the screenshot of full Steampunk set
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10 Responses to Centennial

  1. Bob says:

    Zone listed is midtown but I’ve found two areas that drop pretty consistently, one in midtown and the other in downtown. First is the 3×3 blocks north of the NW corner of Centennial Park from about the hospital to behind the villain’s nightclub.

    Second the “L” of blocks 3×3 off of the SE corner of the park. There are a couple of drops I’ve encountered in the park but strangely enough they never seem to actually drop the centennial collection items.

    The two most rare items of this collection (at least on USPC) are “The Vanishing” and the extremely rare “Superboy statue”.

  2. Ispanika says:

    Got all at the left side of the part, mostly on buildings, for me (on EUPC) “Superboy” wasnt even rare, tho “Vanishing” i got 1 from ~200 looted.

  3. Sky Pack says:

    where can i find superboys plaque that ones REALLY rare please help im going for steampunk head thats all i need !

  4. Prototype227 says:

    This will be my 3rd full day farming for superboy seemingly it will not drop at all for me it’s dumb but if any one has one on USps3 invite me my toon name protoype227 plzzzzzz

  5. Prototype227 says:

    Day 4 still no superboy :\

  6. malrename says:

    Ive searc he’d for the battle of metro for three hours and can’t seem to find it anywhere please help

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