New DCUO Downloadable Content Lightning Strikes

Sony Online Entertainment announced second Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for DC Universe Online – Lightning Strikes for the end of this year. Lightning Strikes introduces Electricity Powers – the game’s eighth power set – and a new adventure starring the iconic speedster The Flash. DC Universe Online’s Lightning Strikes DLC pack will be accessible for free for all of the game’s Legendary players and available for purchase for $9.99 USD for all Free and Premium players.
In this DLC pack, fans have the opportunity to immerse themselves in another great character and action-packed story from the DC Universe,” said Jens Andersen, Creative Director for DC Universe Online. “With exciting gameplay, a new power set and new locations to share with your friends, we packed a whole new kind of fun into this DLC pack and are eager for our players to dive into another legendary adventure.”
Lightning Strikes offers players a new story-driven adventure that offers up even more of the intense and fast-paced combat that distinguishes DC Universe Online, a game focused on superhero combat set in locations where gamers can showcase over-the-top powers in epic battles. The Flash adds another legendary superhero for players to battle against or alongside on their journey to becoming the next legend.
In addition to the new Electricity Power set, DC Universe Online players will also be able to interact with The Flash-themed characters and content with new maps and features:

  • Central City – An all-new map that offers players a more open world experience that provides on-going gameplay, with solo and group missions.


  • The Flash Museum Duo – Players can now experience the Central City of today and tomorrow. In The Flash Museum Duo, players can travel back in time to the very moment when Barry Allen became The Flash and battle foes inside the Central City Police Station!
  • Electricity Powers – Players now have the opportunity to get the new Electricity Power set for current and new characters. The new Electricity Power set allows players to leverage the lightning power of electricity and use new types of attacks in combat. Electricity Powers include the Tesla Ball, which creates a floating ball of electricity that zaps nearby enemies; the Shockwave, which shoots streams of electric bolts at enemies; and Ionic Drain, which drains energy from the environment to replenish a player’s health while simultaneously damaging surrounding enemies.


  • New Gear Players can earn all-new gear sets including the new Zoom-inspired gear set for villains, and the new Black Lightning-inspired gear set for heroes.
  • New CharactersLightning Strikes brings players new iconic DC Universe characters including Livewire, Black Lightning, The Top, The Trickster, Static and more. New characters – such as Livewire – will be featured as new “Inspired By” options for players who can choose to create a new character inspired by some of DC Universe’s legendary characters. Additional new characters – such as Black Lighting – serve as a bounty mission that players can fight if they choose to be a villain.


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5 Responses to New DCUO Downloadable Content Lightning Strikes

  1. Bob says:

    Wonder if the Black Lightning gear will the be the classic 70’s version or the more modern take. Hoping for the retro awesome v-neck personally…

  2. Mercy Curious says:

    Do we know what class this new power is for? The Tesla Ball and Ionic Drain sounds reminiscent of Fire. Anyone know?

    I wonder who they’ll do to round out each class getting a new power set? I’d love to see some Captain Marvel and Fawcett City, but his powers are done and wouldn’t fit. Aquaman could bring water-based powers, and he has little love in the game.

    Anyhow, cool! New options!

  3. Santa says:

    I was kinda hoping for a complete list of new powers this DLC brings, sounds pretty stink to me, especially if theres only those 3. anyone notice the copious amounts of crap companys r making? just me? it boggles the mind. merry christmas.

  4. kodster543 says:

    i;d love to be able to play with lightning, but healer, not my thing.

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