News from Around the Planet

There are 10 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Perry White’s EIC Pass
  2. Steve Lombard’s Metrodome Pass
  3. Ron Troupe’s City Hall Pass
  4. Cat Grant’s Club L’Excellence Pass
  5. Lana Lang’s University Pass
  6. Jimmy Olsen’s Photolab Pass
  7. Lois Lane’s LexCorp Pass
  8. Lois Lane’s White House Pass
  9. Clark Kent’s Metropolis City Hall Pass
  10. Clark Kent’s STAR Labs Pass

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: We would like to thank Soulie for sending us the a few spawn locations and map of them.

Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2623 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2622 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2621 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2620 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2619 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2618 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2617 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2616 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2615 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2624 thumbnail
Collection: News from Around the Planet, additional info image 2625 thumbnail
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Downtown


Archer Feet

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21 Responses to News from Around the Planet

  1. hk2hal says:

    Please post a pic of these, I would like to see if they are worth the trouble to search for.

  2. Soulie says:

    These are pretty annoying, since other players can grab them and they don’t respawn for like 20 minutes. So I can fly around for a half hour and not find a single one. My only hopes for completing this would be to find them in the auction house.

    • Le Fleur says:

      Actually it works in a different way: whenever someone grabs yellow question mark, a new immediately spawns somewhere in the same area.
      They have predetermined spawn places so it’s theoretically possible to get a map of all spawn points and go from one spawn point to other searching for collections.
      There is such spawn point map for Khandaq and I know most spawn points for Oolong Island.

  3. jud says:

    So I’ve been saving this one for last, if I get them all I’ll try to have a picture so people can see what they look like.

  4. jud says:

    I keep going by there and I don’t see the collection markers. Has anyone sucessfully completed this one and if so are you willingto share a few tips on how to do so?

  5. Jace_CTD says:

    I’ve gone to all these spawn spots and have yet to find anything from this collection. I keep getting collection drops from other collections like metropolis street signs and stryker island matchbook.

    • jud says:

      I’ve been finding like the occasional one here and there. Sometimes I’ll go by the spawn spot and find nothing as well. So far though I’ve got 3 out of 10.

  6. DivAnna says:

    Hey I just found Jimmy Olsens Pass in historic disctrict most southern row and 1st building starting west, right below the very top roof of the building east side with the golden trimming. 5/10 now and willing to trade dupes

  7. Hal says:

    pics of full archer can be found here.

    see bottom of page.

  8. 21November says:

    This is a most frustrating collection to obtain. So far I’ve found two, and just one one the map matching one of the photos. On the map it’s labelled #10. I also found a yellow question mark on the rooftop of number 9 – the first building N or the southern rally point, but not of this collection.

    I did find Cat’s card around number 3 on the map, but it was on top of one of the bridges between buildings in the lower south east.

    Also, the pics don’t correspond to the map #’s. Perry Whites should be within sight of a building with an arch, so far only building I’ve spotted like that is right near Lex Corp Building.
    Frustrating, spent over an hour and only found one…that I already had.

  9. 21November says:

    Okay, been digging and trying to correlate names and numbers. For the most part I’ve been getting MPD Files, Street signs, and the occasional matchbook.

    Number 4 on the map seems to be the most reliable for at least getting a yellow question mark, in fact, I once found two on the building. And if I don’t find a question mark I find an exobit.

    #6 on the map seems to be the building that also has Gorilla Grodds forces on in down below.

    #2 on the map seem to be Central Station, I have found either a question mark or an exobit there.

    #9 is the first building across the street to the north from the rally point.

    #10 is the first building on the SW which has three ledges as you go up. A yellow question mark is usually one ledge up to the east. Go one more ledge up and on the west side I usually find an exobit.

    #3. I have actually had more luck one building west then where the number suggests – the four buildings which are connected by skybridges. I once found one of the question marks on top of one of the bridges.

    Like DivAnna, I also found a pass on a building not listed. It was just opposite the LexCorp building as you approach from the west. It was the southern building with solar panels on the ledge. Which seems to throw the whole thing into whack, now that at least two passes have been found elsewhere….sigh.

    #1 in the first row of buildings in the NW seems to be the brown building that houses a Bessolo Ristorante and Spa/Salon.
    #7 – houses the ice cream place. Be sure to look in the back area.

  10. 21November says:


    I am writing this after hours of re-examing the photos by Soulie and the Map, and have finally come to the following conclusions. Soulie did not find the entire collection:

    Soulie’s List – taken from Photos L-R Names taken from Dialog Box
    1. Ron Troupe at Location 9
    2. Cat Grant at Location 8
    3. Jimmy Olson at Location 7
    4. Lois Lane (LexCorp) at Location 6
    5. Lana Lang at Location 5
    6. Perry White at Location 4
    7. Jimmy Olson (again) at Location 3
    8. Nice List : Barbara Gordon – not part of this collection – at Location two
    9. Unknown at Location 1
    10. Clark Kent (Star Labs) at Location 10

    Comparing the two brings us this information:
    1. Jimmy Olson’s Pass was found at two different locations.

    2. Locations #1 and #2 may not contain items belonging to this collection

    3. There are at least two unmapped sites that have given parts of this collection. We shall call these 11 and 12

    4. I never tried to find location number 8 until recently because it is concealed on the Map by the MMORPG Watermark. It is located in the center of the ‘E’ in LIFE.

    5. The locations as given in the pictures do not all correspond to the numbers on the map: For example, his picture numbered 2 – Cat Grant – corresponds to location #3 on the map.

     Collating the information gives us this:
    Name Location # – According to Map
    Perry White’s EIC Pass 4
    Steve Lombard’s Metrodome Pass Unknown
    Ron Troupe’s City Hall Pass 9
    Cat Grant’s Club L’Excellence Pass 2
    Lana Lang’s University Pass 5
    Jimmy Olsen’s Photolab Pass 3 AND 7
    Lois Lane’s LexCorp Pass 6
    Lois Lane’s White House Pass Unknown
    Clark Kent’s Metropolis City Hall Pass Unknown
    Clark Kent’s STAR Labs Pass 10

    Location Guide for mapped and unmapped items.

    1. Top N row. The Building is labeled “Service Center”, it is two block from Wayne Tech, two buildings in from the west.

    2. On the map, it would appear to be one of the buildings just below Union Station (although I have found a Yellow Question Mark AT Union Station. The problem is the photo of the location. In the photo, you can see there is a freeway nearby and the shape of the building in the mini-map. The photo does not represent anything near Union Station. I have found question mark on one of the building just S of Union Station as well.

    3. Photo # 2 represents Location #3! The building is the NE building of the “clover-leaf” or connected buildings in the SE corner of the map. From the Southern Rally Point, Go 2 blocks N and 5 blocks E. The Question Mark was found on the East Side – confirmed as I also found a question mark at that location, as well as a question mark on one of the connection bridges which turned out to be, indeed, Cat Grants’ Pass.

    4. Two Blocks North of Number 5 below and one block east, right next to the Freeway. This building houses a solar array at the very top and a Bessolo’s Restaurant as well as a Salon/Spa on the Ground Floor. I once found two yellow question marks at this site.

    5. The photo has Centennial Park in the background. The building can be reached by going to the South end of Star Labs and going east for two buildings. You want the northside building, the ledge with the A/C units. I have found a question mark at the location.

    6. Next to a Bottled Building. Said Bottled Building is none other than the Daily Planet, and the building is just West of it. Has a Rooftop awning for a patio and a small bit of hedge. Once found a question mark in the doorway of said rooftop building. Soulie seems to have found his(?) on a ledge.

    7. This building is next to number one, above. There are no signs on the building and it is next to the Building/Complex with the outdoor patio and the Ice Cream Store. I have found question marks at the Ice Cream Store as well.

    8. Once I knew I was missing a location, the picture in the mini map helped me find it rather quickly – The building is two blocks North, two blocks East of the Midtown Police Station. This location also contains the blue marker for Maggie Sawyer: Dying from the Light, Part 2.

    9. This is the building just to the North of the southern Rally Point. Question Mark found at location.

    10. Easy to locate. Most southern row, 1st building. It has a “Galaxy Broadcasting” sign on the west side of the building. The Question Mark is usually found 1st ledge up, east side. Confirmed by me on more than one occasion. Lately I have also found an Exobit on the 2nd ledge, west side.

    11. The building where DivAnna found the Jimmy Olson pass in the historic district is easier identified as the “Old Dutch Quarter” building, located just south of the Police Station there.

    12. I have made mention of this building before. It is opposite LexCorp HQ, and right next to the rally point on the East Side. It is labeled the Elecron. I have found both Jimmy’s and Perry’s Passes at this location, usually on the ledge with the solar panels facing the LexCorp HQ.
    One on occasion I found a question mark at the ledge and one on the roof – the rooftop one was Perry White.

    13 I have found another hiterto unmapped location while finishing this article, right on the SSE section of the Downtown District Map. It is south along the Freedway right before the Freeway Curves to the south. The map image of the plot has a rectangle and a square. The plot to the east of it is partially covered by
    the curve of the Freeway. This may correlate to one of the photos if only because of the cleaners across the street.

    As we can see, we still do not have a difinitive map for obtaining this collection. The buildings I have been most consistant with of finding a yellow question mark have been numbers 3, 4,10, & 12, and 1, 7, and 2 have been the most disappointing to date. After so many days of looking I only have half of the collection. If anyone finds one at a location Not mentioned here, please let us know. Thank you.

  11. 21November says:

    Update — Part of the problem is the photos for locations #2 and #3 are swapped. Photo labeled # 2 is location #3 and vice versa. Location #2 represents Building just below Union Station

  12. 21November says:

    Update – SUCCESS! For the record, I found the Clark Kent City Hall Pass at….Location number 9 at 3:13 am on Feb. 25th. Will try and post pic soon of complete outfit. Btw Location #9 is TWO building North of the Southern Rally Point.

  13. 21November says:

    A better location guide to location #13.

    It is right on the border between districts, laying in the historic district. It can be easily reached by starting at point number 3 and going south. The lot you want has two buildings and an archway, with a bridge going diagonally across the street. I have found up to THREE question marks here at one time. They are usually located in the archway itself, in the SE
    corner of the lot on the ground level, between the buildings next to/in front of the vending machine, or on the north buildings roof, in the shadow of the freeway.
    Once I learn how to post pics I will gladly do so.

    • Genius says:

      Hi 21November,
      You can always send us the screenshots at owner @ mmorpg-life . com, and we will post the screenshots on the site.


  14. Shailden says:

    I’ve spent maybe a total of 9 or 10 solid hours trying to find this collection and just to clarify, I had most better luck finding them in the southern part of downtown where there are smaller buildings. Sorry but I’m just unable to post pics of them, mostly because there are just some many spawn locations. I have found 9 out of the 10 with the only one I have left to find is Lois Lane’s White House Pass which I. If any of you have that I’d be willing to trade. I have 6 different extra passes for this collection. My id is Shailden.

  15. Rob says:

    PS3US player, Absolute Horror is in game. Looking for Clark Kent passes, and am always trading collection pieces around to those in need. I have tons. Straight trades are fine, not trying to get in game rich. Just looking for SP and to help out. If not a trade, just ask. If I have it and don’t need it, I’ll be happy to give it.

  16. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Clark Kent STAR Lab pass is the rarest.That took me months to get one

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