No Valentine’s Day Event for DCUO players

Jens Andersen, Creative Director DCUO, announced today that Valentine’s Day event and feats will not be available this year because they don’t meet quality standards. The team will be focusing on four major events: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. Each of these events will have open world components and a boss fight at a minimum: Boss fights to Summer, Winter, and Spring, and open world content to Fall. There will be new things to do and new items to collect.
For all of you who were concerned about the Angelic Back don’t worry it is already added to GU9 as a drop. The Valentine’s Day feats will not show up as of the next update until they relaunch the content. The feats will not be taken away if you have them already.

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  1. JeltarPS3Server says:

    That sucks… wanted valentines outfit for one of my characters…

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