Ultimate DCUO Character Planner with the latest trees

ultimate character planner
No matter how long we have been playing DCUO, there is always a moment when we all need help and guidance with our skills. The Ultimate DCUO Character Planner is updated with the latest trees Lightning and Earth, and we would like to thank Silvanarix, the creator of this program, for all the hard work and for helping DCUO community.

For all of you who would like to know more about Ultimate DCUO Character Planner features and the current download location head to Ultimate DCUO Character Planner page.


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3 Responses to Ultimate DCUO Character Planner with the latest trees

  1. Gdizzle says:

    Please make a dcuo iPhone app !! I’d buy it

  2. Marcelo says:

    Updates 23 ? quantum and mores skill points ?

  3. Zithar says:

    out of date

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