Gorilla Island Collection Locations

gorilla-island-collection-locationsIf you have decided to collect Volcanic Upheaval collection and get Gorilla Soldier shoulders this is a map for you with all locations visible or hidden, where you should look for the collections.
We would like to thank Abraln for making this map and allowing us to share it with DCUO community.
A simple code to show the locations:

  • Yellow- nothing above/visible from the sky
  • Red- there are objects/structures above and below


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3 Responses to Gorilla Island Collection Locations

  1. Rebecca H. says:

    Great start but this is incomplete, there are 10 locations missing. when you start and go up the stairs turn right you can find one if its there, after that turn around and go to end, there will be two large boxes, destroy them as they can be hiding one between them but blocked by the angle of the boxes. from there you go forward and you will see a large room and two bridges, the bridge above you leads to a room with a bowling like stack of barrels. one can appear behind the barrels. Under this room is another location. After getting to the second area directly in the middle on the top of this area i have found one rarely up here, look on the map at the two rectangles, each one of these can have one as well. straight across both of those are two more locations i have found collections at. The final one is near where the yellow one is but up top above everything.

  2. I cannot stress this enough; don’t be afraid to TRADE and check the Broker Room (also caled the Auction House, located in the lowest floor of the Central Hub, Watchtower) frequently! You can complete many a collection & still save a lot. Also, stay in contact with your friends & League members, they may come across an extra item & be willing to part with it in trade or services (helping with a mission, information on locations, ect.).

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