Volcanic Upheaval

There are 6 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Basalt Compounds
  2. Komatite Compounds
  3. Diorite Compounds
  4. Adesite Compounds
  5. Rhyolite Compounds
  6. Pegmatite Compounds

Additional Information

  • Genius comments: We would like to thank Zegra for the Collection items and screenshots.
  • Genius comments: Gorilla Island Collection Locations:
    1. Yellow- nothing above/visible from the sky
    2. Red- there are objects/structures above and below
    We would like to thank Abraln for making the location map.

Collection: Volcanic Upheaval, additional info image 2712 thumbnail
Type: Collection
City: Alerts
Zone: Gorilla Island


Gorilla soldiers shoulders, Style – Gorilla Soldier

Collection: Volcanic Upheaval, rewards image 2230 thumbnail
Collection: Volcanic Upheaval, rewards image 2231 thumbnail
  • Genius comments: Thanks Zegra!
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4 Responses to Volcanic Upheaval

  1. POPular says:

    Hey i just finished this collection and received two messages in my mail from the “Question” Titled “thar she Blows” & “All about learning” which rewards you the gorilla shoulders and something else. Anyon no what the something else is? When i tryed collecting items from my mail nothing happened… Attachment icon disappeared once i exited msg… if the items arent something i need for feats im not worried… but i can figure out what item is from the second message… maybe something for completing all alert collections?

  2. Shadowphoenix says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn’t quite a “full walkthrough with screen shots.” Where are the shots of each location?

    • Silriel says:

      Maybe you have noticed that collections have random spawn locations and we can’t make the same type of the guides as we made for briefings and investigations.

  3. ijokeredu says:

    maybe u didnt notice aswell isnt that random…it change a lil

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