DCUO reveals at GamesCom 2012

Unplanned and fueled only by our desire to meet the DCUO developers in person we ended up interviewing DCUO executive producer Larry Liberty (isn’t that just a perfect superhero name?) and Jens Andersen, the Creative Director of DCUO. All of this transpired today during Europe’s biggest gaming convention GamesCom, held in Germany Cologne. We discussed current and future content with these very cool gentlemen and we will be bringing you a video of the whole interview in the next few days. While the video “cooks” we will give you a sneak peak of all the biggest reveals we had during the interview.

  • The next powers to be revamped are Fire and Ice and that will happen around update 21 (or when it is done – do not stick to that number because it may change)
  • Event and more events. They have plans to have seasonal events that follow a certain pattern with an open world component and a boss component and that is upgraded every year.
  • Visual effects pollution will be addressed in the next update around game update 19 (details on exactly how? … you will have to wait for the video)

More information will come with the video. We might manage to release a transcript of the interview earlier, but no promise. For now enjoy this image:


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  1. Super Miky says:

    And what about 18??????

  2. Bob says:

    When is the video coming?

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