Game Update 20 available on PC Test Server

All PC players with a Legendary Membership are invited. To get started, you can download the client here (SOE) or here (ProSiebenSat.1).
Legendary members and owners of “Hand of Fate” will now be able to play the Temple of Isis as a Legends PvP Arena.

Stryker’s Island: Lockdown
Stryker’s Island open world content (Toyland, Once More With Rockets, and Fun for Girls and Boys) has moved to its own public instance and is no longer available in the open world of Metropolis. Players can now access these Missions by using the “Stryker’s Island: Lockdown” teleporter in their Headquarters and entering Stryker’s Island.   These Missions can be picked up from the terminal near the new Stryker’s Island: Lockdown teleporter in the Watchtower Monitor Womb or the Hall of Doom Inner Sanctum.

Once More With Rockets mission jump pads were removed so players can now just speak to Radical Rocket Randy to receive their disguise. Radical Rocket Randy can be found on top of the entrance to Stryker’s Island.



  • Arkham Asylum:
    • Crow Illusions will now chase you through doorways.
    • You are now encouraged to leave Arkham Asylum after completing the instance.
  • Stryker’s Island Penitentiary:  The entrance to the instance no longer floats above the ground.
  • Watchtower Containment Facility:  Turret projectiles will now use electricity on the player.


  • S.T.A.R. Labs Research Facility:  Players are now encouraged to leave after completing the instance.


  • Shady Nightclub: Bizarro’s Flame Breath attack now displays the correct de-buff in the Current De-buffs menu.


  • Chattering Teeth:  The Chattering Teeth item has a new inventory icon.
  • Phantom Zone Kryptonite Chunk Guise: Now have block and dodge plus all tray abilities now have visual effects.


  • Raven Unleashed: Epsilon Science Police will once again fire rockets at their foes.
  • Sinestro’s Spite: Failed Recruits have removed the option from their rings to toggle between Will and Fear and now only produce Fear Constructs.
  • Toyman:Toyland:
    • Toyman has fixed various issues with the toys on Stryker’s Island.
    • Wind-Up Wally Toys will now display icons to help direct you during your quests.
    • Attacks from Toyman’s Toys will now correctly report their attacks to the combat log.
    • Toyman Toys will no longer keep you in combat for extended periods of time.
  • Queen of Lies:  After defeating Circe players will now be prompted to leave the playroom.


  • Light: Grasping Hand: Grasping Hand is now easier to combo out of.


  • Players will now have a default Rally location selected after being knocked out in a PvP match.


  • After completing a race, players will have the option to retry the race from the scorecard.
  • Mail:
  • A player that is both a friend and a league-mate will now only show up in your contacts once as a friend.
  • Friend and league-mate contacts are now sorted together alphabetically.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the scrollbar to behave improperly with large lists of contacts
  • The Add Character Slots, No Thanks, and Buy Now buttons now all play sound when selected.
  • Tooltips for items in the inventory will no longer float and will now be displayed over the character when using a gamepad.
  • Toyman missions will now appear under Stryker’s Island when sorting by location in the Journal UI.
  • Players who do not own the Last Laugh DLC pack will now be able to see the Legends characters from Last Laugh on the Legends Exobyte vendors, but will still be unable to purchase them without owning the Last Laugh DLC.

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10 Responses to Game Update 20 available on PC Test Server

  1. jay says:

    i agree its getting boring for one change the loot drop from the vault…n 2 make it dat ppl dnt cheat wen dere gettin dere 131 weapon im tried of ppl standing in front of a boss in dawn n yelling out start the fight… smh

  2. Dcuo says:

    The game Devs have ruined this game at a ridiculous fast pace.
    First PvP Bs. knockdown system, No Breakout.. Blue Blink Garbage
    Then PVE – Blocking adds, really make trash mobs annoying with a broken system?
    Then The game community with allowing full end game content while rocking 20 sp and a week old character..

    R.I.P. DCUO

  3. Anak Panah says:

    >>First PvP Bs. knockdown system, No Breakout.. Blue Blink Garbage

    That was indeed the badest “improvement” in the past months. I have a ranged weapon (bow) and stand no chance against aggressive melee players anymore. My old and beloved breakout trinket almost became useless and my fully defined inate breakout mastery is evenly rendered almost useless (compared to before).

  4. Danny says:

    You should really give something to free users. They are to weak and therefore useless. At least give them the ability to buy mod II/III plans for their T3 armors and cola plans. You have nothing to lose since they will still need to buy dlc/legendary to obtain T4 and to access dlc areas. Raising ingame currency from 1,500 to 3,000 would be of a great help as well as trading items collected in a standard game (not dlc’s), or sending them via mail. To many restrictions. For a free users it’s almost impossible to have both PVE & PVP armors (due money/slot/bank space). 5th dlc is on the way and yet there is nothing new ingame for a free player, they are way behind. You advertize yourself as a F2P game, then be F2P and not only a money making machine for deep wallets. I understand you need to make money, that’s life. However there is a huge difference between F2P game and Extended Trial such as DCUO. After T3 armor this game is no longer f2p, but Pay-2-Win. Wich is sad for such a rich company as Sony is. I know you won’t change any of this things because you don’t care about free users. Compared to GW1,2, Aion, CoH and similar B2P/F2P mmo games, Dcuo looks like a student work anyway. The main problem is you lack a competition.

    • Tero says:

      I agree and can’t agree more especially with the ”you lack competition” part . DCUO isn’t a bad game at all but the sad part that most stupid and i say stupid players can’t realize is that it’s more like a PS game it lacks so much for an MMO and it has alot of potential but the devs are making tons of money providing low quality service from graphics to gameplay to story line i assume the problem is DC fans can’t quit ya know and also some 1st time online players might get emotionally attached to it . i hope they change it soon and realize we ain’t kids who read comic book art we are teenagers who need a real amusing fun realistic and action game

      progression and development is such a low rank for an MMO released in 2011 -.- devs need to wake up already

    • Vulpis says:

      Well, I semi-agree with you–but the changes need to be made to the *Premium* level, not pure free–the way DCUO is set up, pure free *is* a trial mode, while Premium (that one little one-time expenditure of $5 or more–I have *crap* for a budget anymore, and that still seems reasonable) is the baseline, equivilent to the freemium mode in other games. Boost the Premium cap from 2000 to 5000, at the very least–that’d maintain some incentive for at least one-month Legendary subs, but give the Premiums something more to work with on the R&D tables.

      A lot of the rest of what you describe are Premium (again, that one-time purchase for less than the amount of a lunch) features–mail, trades, etc.
      I also might point out, BTW, that both the Guild Wars require a hefty entrance fee (and GW2 is leaning a bit more on the cash store thing), while CoH got the chop. (Not sure how well Aion is going to be doing in the US, given the view on NCSoft at this point. Then again, it’s popular in NCSoft’s home in Korea…).

      • Danny says:

        I agree with most of things you’ve said. However, CoH lasted for over a 7 years, while dcuo, at least on ps3 eu servers, started to be a ghost town in less than 2 years. No new contents. You buy dlc (which is more like an add-on), you finish dlc a few times and it becomes boring. As for the GW1-2 the world is massive, nothing is locked, no restrictions, very few bugs. There is no item you can buy for real money that will make you more powerful. Nothing to imbalance the game economy. Even now on us servers GW1 has more players after almost 8 years than dcuo. I like dcuo, and I don’t have GW2, but in dcuo there just isn’t enough content. Constant repeating of same duos, alerts etc isn’t fun after 1,000 times. And more importantly, there is nothing to collect. Why would someone go to T1,T2 duos to get 2-5 Mot if he’s T3 and all feats? Or What after T4? No monthly, weekly events to keep “them” going between new dlc releases which are short anyway. They should make new alerts, open world missions and similar. And yeah, it sucks to have all dlc’s, expanded inventory/bank just to find out you still need legendary subscription because of 2,000 money cap. I play games over 15y and in all those years I have never seen laziest and more greedy game developers than SOE is. Not to mention horrible bugs and disconnects…

  5. MLT says:

    My only gripes on this game as a year old premium user as of November is the currency system for F2P and Premium players. I have spent a total of about $60 total for the game. I buy all the DLC packs and have increased my bank and inventory slots once. I think the only thing thats kinda wrecked the game a bit is the replay badges. I think this has greatly shortend the life of the game. Too many people are just power leveling characters within a week or so, just because they can. Mind you this separates the good experienced players from the noons that have full T4 gear but have 30 SP and dont know how to Tank.

    As a premium player the only thing i want to see changed is to increase my $2000 a day spending for premium players to at least $5000-7000. Ive got all this money in escrow that ill never see because im not legendary status, ive kinda of accepted that. I dont use the brokers at all for the same reason. Im thankful for the player in WT offering free stacks of soda colas because to the f2p and premium players these are our currency and keep us going for the day or week in some cases. All i want is to be able to buy the crafting things i need, and keep my gear fixed. At this point in the game i have to beg other players to buy me stacks of Interface4’s. And i just received Hex 4 which requires a 4 interface that costs 125 Triumph and 2050 $$. And i cannot buy this item because its just 50$$ more than my daily limit!! Cmon now!! And what worse ive got near 5000 marks of Triumph(+ 154unconvered Krypton marks) i cannot use as im working on T4 gear. Im not asking for alot, but just increasing the daily limit to over $5000 would make a heck of a lot to free2play and premium users.

  6. H8R says:

    They wont bump the limit of currency to F2P/Premiums ever , cos this is sony , the greediest company ever , they will just close the game . And i wonder why are you surprised at all at this , when a company like Blizzard failed so hardly and turned into a money making machine with Diablo 3 , which i recently quit cos of their FAILED player to player trade system which cost me an item for 150 Euro cos the trade is simply coded to be unusable and easy for ppl to scam , forcing you to use their Real Money Auction House . Sadly , as it stands today , none of those companies will learn until some of the big names shut down for good , or suffer big losses and a hard hit on their public image .

  7. Releasing these screenshots , Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Home Turf, the sixth downloadable content (DLC) pack for DC Universe Online (DCUO), will be available for download on PC and PS3 in early 2013. With Home Turf, players will be able to tailor their hideouts and lairs with a variety of themes and hundreds of unique furnishing items, as well as enjoy conveniences and amenities – like those found in the Hall of Doom or Watchtower – in their own unique custom environment. Additionally, lairs will double as battlegrounds where players can challenge each other in one-on-one PvP matches.Along with player housing, Home Turf offers players new missions and boss fights at four iconic locations: Stryker’s Island, Arkham Asylum, Steelworks and Ace Chemicals. Each location will offer players 10 missions to complete for ‘Marks of Triumph,’ which they can use to upgrade their lair and unlock its full potential and benefits.

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