Interview with DCUO’s Jens Andersen and Larry Liberty

As promised a few weeks ago we have prepared a full video of our interview with Mr. Jens Andersen, Creative Director of DCUO (and the voice of Aquaman!) and Mr. Larry Liberty, DCUO executive producer. We talked a bit about then released update number 18, what can we expect to see in future updates and a bit more about events. As part of our Gamescom coverage we also discussed Free to play and if the subscription model is dead. I would like to thank Mr. Anderson and Mr. Liberty for taking the time to chat with us and to put up with our uncontrollable fan Squee-ing (is that even a word?).


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4 Responses to Interview with DCUO’s Jens Andersen and Larry Liberty

  1. Thomas Adam Aughtman says:

    will thy ever make tails as an accessories item? so tht way you dnt have a catlike head?

  2. martin st.andrew says:

    whats up with ice dps it’s the weakest dps out there but its the best tank . i am full t4 on both sides and can’t even play my dps side because the powers are junk for dps

  3. martin st.andrew says:

    went do you guys plan on fixing the powers on ice dps the impaling and frost blast both together don’t make up for fire burst on the fire dps

  4. T O Morrow says:

    I wonder if you ever plan on removing the fire traps (which make no sense for fire characters) and rightly nerfing my Morrowbots.

    After all the bosses are supposed to be Batman and Brainiac Joker

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