New DCUO PS4 announcement trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that DC Universe Online is headed for the PS4 as free-to-play download with optional in-game purchases via digital download later this year.

DCUO was the first MMO available for PlayStation3, and its thriving community is proof that we can create an exciting and robust console experience for players“, said Laura Naviaux, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Sony Online Entertainment.

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1 Response to New DCUO PS4 announcement trailer

  1. Mike Larsen says:

    I have been trying to log in for the last week and it freezes at or says data corrupted as soon as I enter the world! I have reset my playstation three times now. I am positive that it has nothing to do with my system, I pay to play this game, with a three month renewing membership, and have been legendary since day 1 ! I would really like to continue to paly this game as I really enjoy it, but your making it very hard. Would like to hear from a developer so this problem can be solved. I have both the hard copy disc and the downloadable copy, both do the same thing. So far I have lost one week which is from sunday august 11-sunday august 18. My membership renewal comes due on the 28 of august. I f the problem is not resolved before than I wont renew.

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