DCUO PS4 details

DC Universe Online is heading to the PlayStation 4, and some questions pop up regarding toon transfers, new DLC, new controller, thus, we decided to dig up some answers for you. The information below are collected from the official DCUO twitter account:

  • DCUO updates will continue with GUs and DLCs, but nothing specifically is planned for the PS4 launch
  • Q: Will all dlc I have go to ps4?
    A: That is our intent, but we don’t have specifics yet

  • We intend for your characters to transfer from PS3 to PS4, but we don’t have details yet
  • Q: Will my ps3 toon be able to go back and forth between ps3 and ps4, or it will be one time switch only?
    A: We intend for you to be able to play on either, but we cannot confirm yet.
  • Q: If I have legendary on the ps3 would that transfer to my ps4?
    A: That’s our intent, but we can’t confirm yet

  • We intend for PS3 and PS4 servers to be shared, but regions will still be separate.
  • PC and PlayStation will remain separate

  • We’ll be able to take advantage of the PS4’s capabilities for better graphics most immediately
  • The only differences are visual, and the PS4 should look more like the PC.

  • We will continue to support PS3 as well as PC and PS4.
  • We plan on supporting aspects of the new controller, but no specifics yet


Source: Official DCUO twitter

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8 Responses to DCUO PS4 details

  1. iceman2537 says:

    I may not be with Sony but what do I know is ALL my DCUO stuff, my characters, membership level; my billing info is all linked to my play station network account. So the chances are extremely likely that when I get a PS4 all I will have to do is sing in to my existing account and re-down load all my game info.

    • Mary says:

      Absolutely not. It’s not officially announced by soe yet but it is a fact that ps3 and ps4 dcuo data/characters/dlc and legendary will be kept completely separate.

      This means when you have got ps4 you will have to create new characters and re subscribe via the ps4 psn (which to is going to remain completely separate from ps3 psn). Most of you will think this is not true. And as I am bound by law to reveal my source I too would not belive it.

      Just giving you all a heads up o on what is definitely 100 percent fact. Just take a moment to think about it. We all know with Sony is all about money. And everyone will re subscribe to the ps4 version. Sony know this which is why the decision was madea while ago. Eventuality the ps3 version will just fade away. I can say that 2 months after launch. The dcuo os3 version will become totally free for approximately the 6 months it will run for before they shut it down and just maintain the ps4 version.

      This is a fake name and fake email. I am an employee of soe. Sony online entertainment.

      if this is bad news but is just a fact of life. Ps3 version will become obsolete.

      • Destructifier says:

        Well Mary I think you are mistaken because for 1 if ps4 does not have dcuo switching there goes so much money out the window because some people live to get their 165th skill point and most aren’t going to go to ps4 if that’s the case so you must figure they want money and they already announced that linking ps4 n ps3 is possible so hey why not?

      • DarthDiggler says:

        “And as I am bound by law to reveal my source I too would not belive it. ”

        LOL 🙂 Bound by Law eh? 🙂

        Look SOE will do something to make characters transferable. It would be a complete waste of SOE’s time if they created a game and no one played it because they invested 1-2 years on a character for the PS3 version.

        Of course Sony wants to make them transfer. Don’t be stupid. I don’t believe you are an employee of SOE for a minute.

      • TheEquilizer says:

        What? Did you not see the interview? It said that PS3 characters will be able to switch over…. I mean, wow. The interview is right THERE. They are trying to make sure it is able to go back and forth between the two systems, but the DETAILS haven’t been worked out yet, so they can’t really explain..

      • River says:

        I believe you are a troll. ; )

  2. Hal says:

    Methinks Mary is a Microsoft employee.

    they are getting real desperate to sell that Xcrap one!

  3. caleb says:

    Will I be able to tranfure my dcuo carater to ps4 when ps4 comes out << and will my league be able to switch over also this is a question that should head up to the bosses ive played dcuo since it came out and it would really blow if i had to start over.. plaz realy to this someone from soe or dcuo informers thanks

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