DCUO Game Update 29 Patch Notes

With latest game update 29 players may notice the following changes:

Abductions in Metropolis and Gotham City!
Mysterious cults are abducting citizens in Gotham City and Metropolis. Track The Age of Sin Begins” in your Mission Journal to find out more.

Legends Power Cost Balance!
We have re-evaluated and balanced ability power cost across all Legends characters. The most noticeable differences will be felt when playing more recently released Legends characters, who had abilities with power costs higher than intended.

Enhanced Paradox Wave Loot!
We have enhanced the gear rewards from the Paradox Wave Raid to be more in line with the difficulty the raid presents. All items that drop from the Paradox Wave Raid have had their item levels raised from level 86 to 87, and 87 to 88 respectively. This will affect gear that players have already earned from this Raid.


· Base item markers now update their color correctly when placing new items.
· Marketplace: Eastern Lair Theme: Doorframes should now re-spawn after they are destroyed.


· The Combat Vulnerability icons have had their visual appearance adjusted.


· The PvP MVP feat should now function in all PvP Arenas.


· Origin Crisis DLC content has received some difficulty reductions to allow a larger player base a chance to play this content.
· Fixed a visual issue where NPCs would sometimes use a falling animation while in combat.
· Damage to objects will no longer count on Arena or Mission score cards.
· Players or NPCs that are knocked out before a cut-scene will no longer slide on their knees during the cut-scene.
· Legends PvP characters will no longer slide at the beginning of a cut-scene.
· Fixed an issue where channeled beams disappeared when their target was destroyed.
· Fixed an issue where target nameplates would disappear when players switch from hard lock to soft lock on a target.
· PS3 Only: Sewer Lair Theme is now available from the Loyalty Vendor.


· All Hand of Fate boss and sub-boss Mark rewards have had their name and tooltip changed for better clarification.


· Nature:
o Canine Form: Characters will now animate properly while running during combat.


· Paradox Wave:
o Pillars will no longer explode if they have been destroyed already.


· Disconnected status should now be updated in the Group UI after disbanding a queued instance.


· Rifle:
o Grenade Launcher will now display the correct impact effects for Sorcery users.

Known issues:
The following are known visual issues introduced with Game Update 29. These are currently fixed and require additional testing on DC Universe Online’s PC Test server before releasing to Live. We plan to get these fixes out to players on Live as soon as possible.

Character Creation: Animation bug causing the player to use a jump animation during Character Creation.

Combat: PC: Keyboard Only: Brawler, Hand Blast, Martial Arts: Animation bug where characters would play an upper body running animation when walking while in combat.

NPCs: Animation issue causing NPCs to sometimes walk funny when using a slow animation.

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3 Responses to DCUO Game Update 29 Patch Notes

  1. Jacob Fair says:

    On the PS3 the access to your menus is screwed up (inventory, style, journal, etc.) Now I have to hold start to gain access to the wheel that allows me to access these menus. The reason I never used the wheel is because my game starts lagging when I do that and will sometimes freeze or I disconnect.

  2. Gold Price says:

    NPCs: Animation issue causing NPCs to sometimes walk funny when using a slow animation.

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