State of the Game and Future of DCUO

It’s been a year since we first met in person with Larry Liberty and Jens Andersen at last year’s GamesCom. It is with great pleasure that we got to see Mr. Lawrence Liberty again, a year later, at Gamescom 2013. We got to sit down and hear an overview of things in DCUO so far and get to find out a bunch of new reveals of the upcoming content and additions to DCUO.
DLC 8 will launch within a months time, on September 3rd, but Legendary members will have early access as soon as next week. Players can expect to see updates the will alternate between large group content updates and small group/solo updates. We will see league lairs, armories (place to save your item set along with skill build), new legendary characters and for the next two years we can expect 3 new storylines explored including the lantern core storyline, amazonian storyline and old Gods storyline! All of that and more in the State of the game and future of DCUO presentation by Mr. Larry Liberty:

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