DCUO Sons of Trigon Release Date

Trigon will rise with the launch of Sons of Trigon on September 3, 2013! Plus, players with Legendary Memberships get early access starting next week!
Sons of Trigon will be DCUO’s 8th DLC Pack, featuring the rise of Trigon, new Celestial powers, an open world version of Gotham City reduced to a wasteland, new small group and solo content, an all-new alert, and more. From stunning visuals to immersive storylines to deepening gameplay, Sons of Trigon has it all.

  • Players with Legendary Memberships will get early access to the DLC Pack starting next week.
  • Sons of Trigon will be available in the Marketplace or online starting September 3rd (US PC, US PS3, and EU PC) or September 4th (EU PS3).
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