Ace Chemical- DCUO Hard Mode Alerts

This Hard Mode Alerts is quite different than the others because it is Dynamic. ACE is never the same twice. You first go through some halls until you reach a main large room with Chemo in it. In this room you get Ambushes, 5 of them. You must first defeat the ambushes before the doors open to let you move on.

CAUTION Watch out for the Ace Patrol mobs, they have a Flamethrower that will do Massive Damage to you if they are allowed to get it off.

The Chemo room is split into 3 paths after the Ambush. It is random which door opens but there is Left, Center, and Right and each with 2 different Bosses.


Baby Face
This is the 2nd easiest boss in Ace. He is slow and weak and only has 1 special attack. You fight him until he moves to the Center of the room. From there he will lock onto Players and shoot a Laser at them from Range. Use the Pillars to hide behind for this. If you get in close he will Knock you away with a Strong Melee Attack. Keep up the DPS and he goes down Quick.

This boss is pretty simple too. Just DPS him hard and watch out for his Strong melee Punch and you will be ok. Aside from that there isn’t anything special he does.


This is one of the more Complex Bosses. He is pretty straight forward in the sense that you just DPS him hard and fast. His only special attack is that he will Run and Grab a random Player and Swing them around in circles and throw them into the Wall doing Massive Damage if not Healed by the Healer. Avoid his Suplex and take him out.

Shaggy and Scooby (Duncan & Rinty)
I don’t remember this bosses real name right now, but its a Clown and his Dog. For this fight you can either Tank Both at once or take out the Clown First and then the Dog. They are pretty simple just the Clown has a hard hitting Attack that can knockout people if they are injured enough. So take him out and then his Dog and you can move on.


The 3 Clowns
This is the Hardest of the Bosses in Ace. There is 3 Clowns, Mercury, Nickle, and Gold. This Boss requires 3 people to Tank and the Healer to Heal alot. You want a Tank on Nickle, hes the Short Fat one who has Heavy Hitting Melee Attacks. Put a Controller on Mercury, hes the Tall Silver One who runs around like a Maniac. And put a DPS on Gold, Hes the Tall Gold one who Shoots a Powerful Range Lightning Attack and Teleports Behind members and Hits Them Hard. Just DPS them together until they Merge into the Big Metal Clown. When they do this he has 3 Special Attacks. He Charges Foward and KNocks everyone around. He also Starts Spinning in Circles and Knocks close members around. And he Teleports Behind Members and Hits them hard. DPS him until he Splits back up into the 3 and have everyone get back on Their Clown and Repeat. Eventually you Kill the 3 Clowns and you Win.

This is the Easyest Boss in Ace. Hes a Mini Chemo that you just DPS fast. He will Charge up an Exsplosive Burst that is Devistating if your close so watch out for it. Otherwise just Hit him Hard and drop Him.


Once you go into 2 Sides of Ace, you fight Chemo. This boss is tough. He has 2 Stages, One where he spawns minions and then his Vulrenable Stage. When he Spawns Mini Chemos, you need to Kill them as fast as you can. They will go and get Barrels and bring them to Chemo, if he gets 9 of the same Type, he spawns MiniBosses of the Barrel type. Just try to focus on the Chemo’s with the Barrels to prevent them from getting them to him until you Knock out 25 and he becomes Vulnerable.

When he is Vulnerable just watch out for his Acid attack and DPS him Hard to win.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to King proud member of Wolves of War for writing this guide and allowing us to post it on our site. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it. You can find King on the Server: Death & Glory as a Hero in the League “WolvesOfWar” just “/Tell King HI!

We would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Booyah and Saviors on Cry for Blood for all instructional videos on how to complete Hard Mode Alerts.

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9 Responses to Ace Chemical- DCUO Hard Mode Alerts

  1. JMar says:

    Just a note on Chemo – I believe that when his Chemlings are successful in bringing him the barrels, he’ll heal himself, which can make the fight go on a long time. So it’s really a “kill Chemlings at all costs” kind of thing. Any kind of AOE stuns or moves that can keep them away from the barrels/make them drop them area golden.

  2. Keira says:

    Just put a DPS with Dual Pistols behind or infront of Chemo and the Chemlings won’t reach him. Full Auto FTW!

  3. Delphi says:

    Great page! Thanks for the info. In the “Chemo” video, the guy was rolling all over the place. Better to just use the tap ranged attack (grenade). It’s rifles AOE move that does good damage to a lot of chemlings.

  4. lucas says:

    Anyone know where all the briefings are in Ace Chemicals? I’ve been trying to find a guide and no luck :-/ I have 5/6 of the little blue suckers, and finding the last one is driving me nuts!

    • VikingSS says:

      Isn’t it outside ace? Under a pipe? I looked it up here on this sight. I found all my stuff using this site. It’s pretty good.

      • ALF says:

        I’m not sure if it’s outside but there’s no briefing guide for ace chem on this site that I’ve seen. I’ve been searching for one myself.

    • runout says:

      the last one that is in the far north-east side it will be open in 2nd time that you do the alert, i read that somewhere dont remember where and yes in my 2nd attempt i get it

  5. Redemption_Server says:

    You have to make several trips into ACE To get all 6 in the separate boss rooms

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