Finding the Waynetech Watches DCUO Collection

Many people continue to make new topics on the forums asking if the Stainless Steel Waynetech Watch item even exists in the game as it’s apparently rare collectible. This is a small guide on how to find it.

Your first step is to go to Crime Alley – East End – Gotham City. I believe that Stainless Steel Waynetech Watch item is currently the only collectible that is not shown as the gold questionmark, but the ROSE. It’s not bugged, it’s a rose with the golden twinkles.

The other items from Waynetech Watches collection are easily found around the Waynetech building, but Stainless Steel Waynetech Watch is the only one found near Crime Alley location. We have found so far three locations and we hope this will help you to complete your collection.

Your reward for completing this collection is Watchmaker’s Geared Legplates, Style: Steampunk.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to The Project for helping us to solve this mystery and allowing us to post it on our site. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.

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12 Responses to Finding the Waynetech Watches DCUO Collection

  1. sgreco says:

    the rose is the wayne family memorial, left there by Batman in the spot where his parents were slain. From the looks of that pic, the collectible is improperly lodged beneath the ground, with this sparkles protruding up to where the rose is.

  2. Kyu says:


    Not really. Look at this pic:

    It isn’t a gold ? mark – this is taken by the theater spawn point and it’s also a rose.

  3. betawave says:

    I’ve remembered coming across this several times… however i haven’t been able to pick it up… even when its sparkling… 🙁

  4. Burning Spartan says:

    These pictures were not taken during beta were they? I have spent over 15 hours collecting things in the area surrounding Crime Alley, and I have seen a few collections spawn partially in the ground and in that weird oval shape, but none have been a rose. This is starting to drive me insane.

  5. Annoyed says:

    I have been camping these 3 spawn points for like 2 days now and not seen it. I have seen regular ?’s spawn but not the rose. Is this still working?

  6. SnakeEyes says:

    I’ve been camping this place too and have never found the watch. There are flowers in the alley (“Wayne Memorial”) but they are not glowing and can not be picked up.

  7. Darkwingdot says:

    I just interacted with the rose under the cinema sign and did not get a Waynetech watch. 🙁 so disappointing.

  8. Nadool says:

    I too have been looking for this for a few days now and those 3 locations have turned up empty the whole time. I read on another forum that someone found it in a nearby parking garage but I’ve looked all over those too. I’m wondering if there are more locations we might not know about. Or if this even exists anymore.

  9. It does not have to be in those three locations. I think that it could spawn on any of the nearby gold spawn points. It can go for an hour before it spawns and I just run around farming all the gold ones I can find in the vicinity with hopes that the watch will respawn. There are about 7 spawn points at the 2 story buildings. There are two-three at the nearby shelter for the homeless. There are several at the abandoned garages across the theater. It is not an easy collection to complete. The first time I came across the “special” spawn it was after 5 minutes of looking. Several days went by and several hours of searching before I came across the second one. I have looked again for a few days afterwards and haven;t found it. I think your best bet is after a server restart. The timer seems to be very long and could be 8 hours or maybe even 24 hours.

  10. Majestic says:

    It does exist. I have it. I don’t remember where I got it, because at the time I didn’t know it was rare and I was not seeking it out. But I do remember looting the glowing rose in the first week of launch and that may be where I got it.

  11. Thomasklij says:

    I’ve read rumors about this collection being broken since that patch.
    I have spent several hours near Crime Alley in the past week or so, and all I’ve found are some collection on their side (flat on the ground instead of flying vertical). Supposedly, these sideways collections should have spawned as a rose, but didn’t.

    So… has anyone found this collection after the feb patch? And if so, around what time did you get it? Someone said that only the first spawn after the daily server reset is the actual rose, then when it respawns, it’s broken.

  12. Hypershock says:

    There is another spawn point close to Crime Alley that spawns different types of watches including the stainless steel watch(regular gold sphere). Near the building that reads “Pawn” and the Deacon Blackfire shelter for the homeless next to it. They usually spawn in the air (needed to fly to reach them) near the dumpsters as well as on top of those two buildings.

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