F2P model for DCUO

Massively had an exclusive interview with SOE president John Smedley and producer Lorin Jameson about new DCUO Free to Play model:


Massively: In the past you’ve talked about how you prefer freemium as opposed to just straight free-to-play, so will you be expanding on the existing cash shop?
John Smedley: Oh sure. F2P games very often have microtransactions built into them. I don’t like the term cash shop.
Lorin Jameson: There’s going to be a lot of items in the store, both to upgrade the capabilities of your account and your characters as well as appearance items and helpful consumables. It’s very similar to the types of items we’re already selling.

Massively: Do you see future content coming out specifically for the cash shop, maybe cosmetic or non-combat features?
Lorin Jameson: We’ll certainly be adding items to the store. The current items in the store are all convenience or appearance items, and we’ll be continuing that trend. Content, at this point, is our DLCpacks, which we’ll still be releasing on a quarterly basis. They are optional purchases that you can buy in the store as well.


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