DCUO PC servers Downtime October 20th, 2011

The US and EU PC servers will be brought down for an update and DB maintenance on October 20th, 2011. The estimated downtime for this maintenance is approximately 8 hours. The update adds new features and addresses a number of Live bugs. The extended DB maintenance is in preparation for the Free-to-Play launch which will be coming soon. The schedule for this maintenance is as follows:

8:00AM PST/11:00AM EST /4:00PM BST USPC and EUPC Servers Brought down for Maintenance
4:00PM PST/7:00PM EST/12:00AM BST USPC and EUPC Servers Available for Play


Patch Notes 5.1

New Radial Menu added!  To use, hold down Esc/Backslash/Start and move the mouse or analog stick to highlight an option and release to select.   The Radial menu will close if the Radial menu button is released without choosing an option.

New Welcome Message Screen added! Please check for important DC Universe Online messages, including the latest patch notes, in the Welcome Message screen. To access, select Welcome Message on the Character Select screen.

New items added to the Marketplace! A new shipment of exciting items has arrived in the Marketplace.  To access, select the Marketplace icon on your PDA or Radial Menu.

  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not purchase items from the Auction House.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a player to rally instantly.
  • Made improvements to the Chat system to improve stability under heavy load.
  • Fixed a potential crash while using the Broker.
  • There is now an error message displayed when players attempt to phase into the phase they are already in.
  • Items that cannot be deleted are now able to be placed in the bank.


  • Acrobat Glide should no longer shut off unexpectedly when in use.


  • Primal Wolf Form: The Slam attack is now vulnerable to block as intended.


  • Stoke Flames will now reset the combo counter as intended.


HIVE Moon Base:

  • Queen Bee will now properly call each reinforcement wave to protect her hive and players will no longer be blocked from progression.

Ace Chemicals Hard Mode:

  • The loot chest that was unbreakable is now breakable.


Fortress of Solitude: Power Core

  • The Prime Assassin has upgraded his Crystal Formations. Crystal Formations will now fully charge the Prime Assassin if not destroyed in time. Fully Charged, the Prime Assassin receives the full assistance of the Shards while the Shards form into additional Sunstone Assassins.
  • Fixed an issue where the instance could become unplayable.


  • Smallville: The speed feat for the alert will no longer update on zone in.
  • The description for the feat “All Trinked Out” has been changed for increased clarity.
  • Oan Sciencells, STAR Labs Research Facility, Coast City and Batcave: Outer Caverns Alert now count towards the Complete # of Alerts feats.


  • Profanity filter can now be toggled in the UI settings menu.
  • Optimized memory.
  • Fixed an issue where Invites to custom chat channels would go through even if the inviting player was being ignored.
  • Fixed an issue where the pet health bar sometimes would not disappear after the pet had died.
  • Players should no longer be informed that they are being ignored by the target of their group invite, guild invite and trade invite.


  •  Items in the marketplace that you cannot buy because you have already purchased them should now be labeled as “purchased”.
  • The order completion popup window will now tell you if you need to pick up your item in the claim window, or if it has been placed in your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a performance issue while in the Marketplace.
  • A legendary button has been added to the Marketplace in preparation for Free to Play.


  • Fixed a visual effect issue that would sometimes occur when switching forms.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause other players to appear as though they were stuck in an animation.
  • Players should now always see each other when grouped.



  • Fixed minor environment art issues within the Batcave 2v2 PVP map.
  • The names of some PVP trinkets have been changed for increased clarity.



  • Venom Slap no longer causes Supercharge gain but now causes increased AOE damage and damage over time. The amount of supercharge Bane gains from attacking and knocking out opponents has been re-tuned.
  • Bane’s critical hit chance while pumped up with venom has been reduced. Pumping up with venom now causes Bane to restore some health and he also gains the breakout effect during the transition offering him brief protection from knock down and control effects.


  • The player will now be messaged properly when they enter combat that their duel availability has been disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where pets were sometimes not attacking opposing players while dueling.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Out of Area” message would sometimes persist after zoning during a duel.
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2 Responses to DCUO PC servers Downtime October 20th, 2011

  1. Rickey Wells says:

    Is the world suppose to be down today? I ask because I turned on my system to play DCUO and all I keep getting is a huge DISCONNECTED message on my TV. I know they were down on Oct. 20th but today is Monday Oct 24th-what’s going on?

  2. Fábio says:

    I can’t put the green glowing (like a green aura) in my char.
    Can you help me?

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