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The following tip-tricks and hints are made by Iceman2537 and his friends over at The Society “USPC server league”. The main purpose of this guide is to help all the green 30’s to get the marks needed for better gear so they can get in to the harder alerts raids and missions.

General tips – these will help in any group situation.

  • Team work: don’t leave your partner behind.
  • If you want to go for the speed feats get a partner first then queue up for the duo.
  • Clear the room before activating anything.
  • KNOW YOUR ROLE and switch accordingly…when in Doubt stay in DPS mode.
  • Duo’s are good places to learn your role just warn your partner.
  • Don’t fight you instincts rookie kill the glowing one first.
  • Colas if you have them use them. Even when working with a healer and controller
  • Powers you have them use them. Do not try to make it through on just your weapon damage.
  • TALK to your partner, answer questions and don’t be afraid to ask them, some bosses require specific ways and tactics to kill.
  • If you get KOed in a boss fight WAIT for your partner just outside the door since you’ll be locked out, don’t rush in after the door opens until you are sure the room has been cleared, if you can’t clear a room just let yourself be KOed and start over no shame in that.
  • There’s a Repair Machine in every Duo near the entrance, repair and stock up on colas before you start and repair after KOs


Gorilla Grood 2 marks possible, speed feat time 8min

ALWAYS clear the rooms the apes will follow if you don’t kill them, especially in the room where you free the encased humans. Yes you can trigger the door as soon as you enter the room but the trash and the Pounders will follow behind you if you try to bulldoze past.


Gotham General Hospital 2 marks possible, speed feat 8min

When fighting Two face and his goons use lots of AoE and spread attacks. That way you are doing damaging to all three of them at the same time. Don’t let heads heal them. I like to use duel pistons on full auto it damages all three of them and it will keep heads from healing them. During the Mr. Freeze fight freeze covers himself in a frost bubble He can NOT be hurt in this thing instead you should just block. If he hits you when in the bubble and you’re blocking it will knock him down. Meaning he can’t attack you. Once his suite is damaged he calls in reinforcements take out the engineer FIRST, he will heal Mr. Freeze then take out the rest of the reinforcements and resume attacking Mr. Freeze.

Goth. University 2 marks possible, speed feat time 10min

Necro Magent– Now with longer lasting shields! Seriously he’s in a shield for most of the fight no choice but to blow up the caskets as he calls them and wait for the shield to drop.
Isis Fight– During her pauses where she summons Mummies or Scarabs, go to the left or the right and stand on the stone (not the sand) and face the sand you can pick off pretty much all the mummies or scarabs at that point with minimum damage with pure melee and no powers, great way to recharge your blue bar mid fight.

Cape carmine light house 3 marks possible, speed feat time 10min

Try to stay away from the walls and pillars some of them fire off sparks that can kill you faster than the goons you are fighting. In the Deathstroke/Croc fight let Nightwing hold the Aggro on one (usually Deathstroke) focus and kill the one he doesn’t have aggro on then switch.

Hive 3 marks possible, speed feat time 10min

Security consoles numbered from left to right when facing them, with the locked door behind you and the scientist to your left. The order I use to open the door is 4, 1, and 3. In the room after fighting booster there is a strange box in the far left corner. Don’t activate it just destroy it. You get an extra mark of triumph. Activating it calls in a bunch of hard to kill hive guys. Good Killing Sequence- Mortuary Bees (healers) aka the glowing ones, Brainiac Drones, (makes those horrid glowing disks that chuck you everywhere), THEN the Killer Bees Yes they do massive damage but they are the SLOWEST you can usually kill the first two tiers before they get to you than those guys are easy to kill w/o the back up.

Met city hall 3 marks possible, speed feat time 11min

In the room where you have to activate the lantern five time. One of you pulls agro and the other activates the lantern. One of two things triggers the next wave the lantern cooling down or KO’ing the current wave. Lanterns with shields are vulnerable to melee attacks. The Lantern DOES heal you, best combo for this instance? Healer (in DPS mode) and a Tank, Tank holds the Aggro in the mob rooms…like the lantern room, Arkillo’s fight and the final boss room…and can take massive damage with little worry while the Healer stays near the batteries and triggers them as soon as it cools down while dropping heals on the tank and ranged attacks on the trash.

Omac base 3 marks possible, speed feat time 11min

After activating the EMP there is a defective Omac nearby activate him and take him out for an extra make of triumph. The freeze trick after you fight the big flaming Omac there are two glowing Nano’s they will shield and heal each other. So get a freeze barrels from the beginning of the level. Freeze them, separate them, them kill both of them at the same time. Before fighting Omac Delta through all the big metal rock things over by the charge station it will make charging and using them easier. When Delta summons up some drones move to the alcove by the door you entered through. This way you only need to deal with the drones. The final room here is the pattern that works the best.
1. Clear the room
2. Approach the 1st console
3. Clear the room
4. Activate the 1st console
5. Clear the room
6. Approach the 2nd console
7. Clear the room
8. Activate the 2nd console
9. Clear the room
10. Approach the 3rd console
11. Clear the room
12. Activate the 3rd console

Old Gotham Subway 3 marks possible, speed feat time 11min

When fighting Hush use ranged attacks to help avoid his long stun attacks. When fighting Bane again use ranged attacks until he amps up on Venom then quickly throw toxic barrels at him until he is stunned and weakened by them. Then let fly with every big power attack you’ve got.

Ferris air 2 marks possible, speed feat not listed

Team work one of you caries the repulse the other caries a bomb. Fight Vice from inside the repulse field. It won’t hurt him but it will keep other red lanterns off your back. When fighting Atrocitus Through the repulse from one charge station to the next. As long as you hit the charge station it will power up and you’ll be able to out run Atrocitus to it taking less damage in the process.

Speed Force Treadmill 2 marks possible, speed feat not listed

Starting out you will be tempted to make a mad dash for the end of the tunnel. Don’t the reapers will cut you down before you get half way there. Just keep moving and killing the reapers and you’ll be fine. Once in the past start clearing rooms until you get to fight the pide piper. The key to this fight appears to be control breaks. The piper will constantly stun one of you and the other has to attack him to break the other out. The final boos fight is a rather strait forward fight. He does summon two crystals the span trash so I always try to break the crystals as soon as I can.

Easiest to Hardest Duos in our Opinions…

Gorilla Grood
Gotham General Hospital
Gotham University
Cape Carmine
City Hall
Old Gotham Subway
Ferris Aircraft
Speed force treadmill



We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Iceman2537 and his friends over at The Society “USPC server league” for making this guide. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.


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9 Responses to DCUO guides – Duo tips

  1. Iceman2436 says:

    I was able to find out the speed feattimes for Ferris Aircraft and the speed force Treadmill it’s 7min each

  2. jeremy says:

    I love this site but man, the spelling! Also, it’s Grodd. Is it misspelled in the game somewhere?

  3. Serenity says:

    Some advice for the Ferris Mission:

    The bosses don’t fly or jump, and they avoid going on top of an object. So if you are carrying the repulsor, jump over stuff. You will gain a moment away from the boss’s heavy attack as he walks around the obstacle. Also, in the room with the final boss, when you carry the repulsor to the charge stations against the sides of the room, try going behind the charger and jump over the back of the charge station to the other side. Attrocitus has to walk all the way around the charge station. Then jump back It’s possible to get him too busy yoyoing around the charge station to attack anyone.

    There are four health barrels that quickly respawn. Going to the barrel on the far side will attract too many red lanterns into the fight, so use that as a last resort. There are two barrels each by a charger. And one in the empty corner.

    During the final boss, if you are NOT carrying the repulsor, you can be a great help if you don’t attack anyone and just grab the barrels. The repulsor takes 3 charges to activate. So while your partner goes for the first charger, grab a health barrel. Right before he hits the second charger, break a barrel so his health will boost up. Then quickly grab a barrel, and use it when the repulsor stuns Attrocitus. You will probably have to repeat this twice. If you are attacked while carrying the barrel, don’t attack back unless they are weakened. Instead use obstacles and your partner’s repulsor to shake off bad guys.

    • Serenity says:

      Oops, one more thing. Two of the red lantern batteries that you have to damage have fences blocking your path. You can jump over the fence, but it’s tricky. But the guy carrying the repulsor can make this easier if you use the repulsor as a weapon and just whack the fence to break it. Then both of you can easily head straight to the target without a long detour.

      Also remember, there are many large throwable things in the first part. These are great since the red lanterns tend to cluster together as they attack you. If you die, you can bet they are in a tight little group near your partner. Perfect for throwing a large object to damage them all.

      You can also both grab a large object and carrying it into the final boss battle. If you can each throw a semi trailer, that can clear most of the smaller red lantern trash.

  4. Pants987978 says:

    “Don’t fight you instincts rookie kill the glowing one first. ”

    What does that even mean?

    • Iceman2436 says:

      When you’re in some of the Duos there enemies that are glowing.
      They are healers they will keep most to the other enemies in the room alive. So if you kill them first is easier to clear the room.

  5. Iceman2436 says:

    here are some additional tips for the city hall duo.
    You Have to use Melee attacks to break down lantern shields.
    In the room with the big lantern stay near the lantern it heals you.

  6. T O Day says:

    Hi we are the DCUO developers and we are so intelligent we thought it was a good idea to give you suckers a fitting reward for your work in the OMAC duo by giving you NO ability to regain health/power between fights in the last stage, only having one non respawning health barrel, and making sure that when the inevitable knock back onto the electric floor occurs, that you will be sent up into the air only to land on the floor again. Rinse and repeat.

    That’s what you idiots get for trying to win the marks necessary for overpriced equipment. We sure showed you.

  7. SwagMasterBleu says:

    Nope, doesn’t count!

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