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Dear visitor, this guide is outdated. BOLTARON4 is writing a new one at the moment, and we hope to release his new guide soon.

A guide to using an electric healer in the DC Universe online

Alright, greetings everyone, it is everybody’s favorite felonious medic, BOLTARON4, here to share my insights and techniques with regards to using an electricity type healer.
Before getting into this article, I HAVE to say this: This guide is for ELECTRIC HEALERS ONLY. The other types of healing, sorcery and nature will NOT be covered. Some of the BASICS of healing are universal for being a healer, but the actual nuts and bolts of the healz powers are much different in the DC Universe. With that said if you’re NOT an electric healer, this article will not be of much use.
Also, this guide will be more useful to players that have already reached level 30 and are participating in the Alerts and Raids. Before you hit lvl 30, the different roles in the game (tank, controller, healer and DPS) are not really pronounced, you are basically all DPS. Once you hit lvl 30, you will need to have a specific role and be able to play it well in order to beat the higher level raid bosses.


OK, briefly, there are 4 “roles” that you can have in the DC Universe online:

  1. Tank- They should be able to absorb massive damage as well as dish it out. Be the focus point for enemy aggression.
  2. DPS-Damage per second. FAST and FURIOUS baby, these guys dish out the punishment, they also need to stand by to pick up fallen comrades, because in a crazy fight, you can’t stop the healing for the whole group just because one person went down. Light on the armor, which is sacrificed for offensive power. MIGHT and PRECISION are the essential stats for this role.
  3. Controller-Think of these guys as a warrior/healer, only for your energy bar instead of your life bar. When you have a good controller on the team, you will NOT run out of juice for your special load out powers (which we will go over soon, I promise). The controller also need to be responsible for the “adds” the will swarm your team when you are fighting a major boss. Thus, they “control” the crowds. DOMINANCE and VITALIZATION are the essential stats for this role
  4. HEALERS-US. The reliable medic on the field. You are responsible for keeping everybody alive. It is NOT your main mission to do the fighting. Oh sure, you will be in the mix, but your main deal is keeping everyone else on the team alive and in fighting shape. You will need to be able to withstand massive damage while keeping your team alive, as well making sure to keep up with everybody. You have a HUGE healing bonus in the scenarios; you sacrifice your ability to deal heavy damage, so stay with the team. RESTORATION is your essential stat.

If you play the game, you know there is A LOT of smack talk about what type of healing is better, and whatever. The fact is, the powers in the game are pretty much equal in terms of strength, and the main difference is in how people USE them. An electric healer in the proper hands is just as effective as a nature healer. As long as they understand their powers, what they do, and how to use them. Poor players make the powers weak, not the powers.
I’m going to go over MY load outs for ELECTRIC HEALZ. This is how you run with the BIG DOGS in the raids and pull your weight. If you are in a Bat-Cave or Fortress of Solitude raid, you need to account for 400,000-600,000 healing points or you’re not pulling your weight.

BOLTARON4 load out scheme:

ELECTROBURST: This is a small STOMPING radial burst of electricity that will deal light damage to enemies. It does not waste much energy and does not deal much damage. By itself, it is pretty harmless and not very useful. HOWEVER, in the healer role this power used around ELECTRIFIED enemies, will not only do moderate damage but heal nearby allies, at very little cost. There is also a chance that you will send your target off their feet for a moment with this ability.
ARC LIGHTNING: This is one of my favorite powers. This will send a powerful stream of electricity to your target, which will then “jump” to ANY surrounding enemies OR allies or rocks, barrels, ect. Dealing both damage and healing at the same time. You will see YELLOW streams for damage to enemies and BLUE streams from the electric healz. While this ability will NOT cause the ELECTRIFIED power interactions, you WILL get the bonuses if you manage to stack you next powe. I repeat, WHILE the ARC LIGHTING is active, you WILL get the ELECTRICIFIED power bonuses on your heals. So, basically, they target is ONLY electrified for the duration of the ARC LIGHTING ability. I’ve dumped this baby into a crown of enemies and allies 15-20 strong, everybody gets touched by the lighting, believe that.
IONIC DRAIN: This is one of the most important tools that I use. The ionic drain will draw a beam of brilliant blue plasma from the target, into me, dealing light damage; this will usually STUN the enemy in place while issuing a steady stream of electric healz to ALL allies in the area. This power healz in “reverse” doing a small amount of healing at first, building up to a much larger dosage as it ends. This ability has a couple of issues that impostors can’t overcome. It can be INTERUPTED very easily by rookies with extra moving around and pushing of the buttons. This will cost you the FULL amount of energy for the ability and it is moderately expensive.
BIO-CAPACITOR: This low cost life saver has to be the bread and butter of the operation. You should be casting this ability non-stop while in an instance. This low-key power will INSTANTLY give you and your most hurting ally a quick electric healz. But that’s not the good part. This power makes up to 3 allies per cast act like a “BATTERY” for the next two minutes, and if their life bar gets at or below 35% during that time, they will automatically release their stored battery power to survive. You can use this up to 10x before the first one will start wearing off, so this should be always used.
GALVANIZE: Simply, a wave of healing energy that will increase in magnitude and strength with more allies around you. This power will issue a sudden BURST of immediate electric healz, followed by a period of much lower strength healz.
INVIGORATE: This is your #1 go to lifesaving emergency power. It is fairly low cost (only 50% supercharge) and will INSTANTLY juice up you and EVERYONE around you with 100% life bar and 50% energy bar. If your team is not in range, they will not get the HEALZ. This is a SC ability, so rookies should have 2 of these babies on TAP for the more difficult bosses.
BONUS ABILITY-For the HARDCORE. I use this special load out instead of one the above abilities when I am trying for speed feat and for especially difficult bosses. It is expensive, but easily the most powerful TEAM offensive and defensive power in my playbook.
CIRCUIT BREAKER This will create a quick RED flash of radial energy that has multiple effects:

  1. Immediate DAMAGE to Enemies in range
  2. DRAMATICALLY increase damage and critical strike chance for you and ALL allies.
  3. PROTECT against ALL control effects
  4. REGENERATE health for you and all allies in range over time.

If a boss if giving you a problem, or if you want to END THE FIGHT FAST, pop this 100% SP on them and let your homeboys do the rest. You should be able to knock out anything after that.




We would like to say a big THANK YOU to BOLTARON4 for writing this guide. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.


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42 Responses to DCUO Guides: Electric Healz

  1. Iceman2436 says:

    Cool guide my sister and I are working on one for controllers. I love the quick rundown of the other roles. But you did forget to mention that POWER is the other major stat for healers.

  2. Zap Kid says:

    A realy good guide, I’ve been playing electric, and some effect I din’t knew

  3. hskfmn says:

    So, I’ve begun practicing my first Lighting healing character, but I have a couple questions:

    – I’ve observed that in order for healing to be effective, I need to be in close proximity to everyone in the party, however in several more…open areas, many people deem it necessary to go off on their own to try and handle encroaching mobs. How can I heal effectively when each person goes off in their own separate direction?

    – On the PS3, all I have a is a map in the upper right, and a list of names and bars in the far left. How do I tell who is who on the map if I can’t see them when they go beyond my field of vision and one of them needs healing?

    • White S says:

      Unfortunately, you can’t tell who is who on the minimap if you aren’t in visual range.

      Most experienced players stick together. But sometimes you get a group of individuals rather than a team. When that happens, you just have to deal with it. It’s going to be harder. If two guys are together, stay with them. But if they all fly apart, you can try hanging with someone who seems strong, who can keep the enemies down while you provide long-range attacks and heals. Or stick with the controller, since he can provide juice for your healing, and you can keep both you and him alive.

      If the team is hopeless, there’s always the exit to try with another team.

  4. White S says:

    I’ve had trouble receiving heals from BioCapacitor. My friend can cast it when I’m damaged in a duo, but it only heals me the first time it’s used. After that it doesn’t heal me. I’ve heard of others having this problem. (Note: we haven’t checked it since the last update)

    Btw I like your quick definition of each role. But for new players reading this, they may not realize there are times (especially when dealing with heavy enemy attacks) that the Tank’s best option is to AVOID fighting and just get agro and block. Especially for Fire tanks since they don’t get ice’s defense buff.

    I’ve been on teams when a fire tank blew all his power on attacks. Which caused lots of agro, but without defending also recieved HUGE damage. That caused the healer to use all his power to repeatedly save him. Which caused the controller to run dry supplying the healer. But when the controller finally hits empty, so does the healer. And then everyone dies.

    • BOLTERON4 says:

      You’ve got to keep STACKING the Bio-Capacitor ability in order forf it to really work effectivly. if you’ve only got 1 charged, and they get hit belowe the 35% safe mark, chances are that the 1 Bio-Capacitor charge is NOT going to be enough to keep that person alive.

      So, STACK the Bio-Capacitor in order to get it to work right.

  5. Disasterpiece says:

    Decent guide, but very misinformed about Electroburst in dps role. E-burst is great in melee range. Does an initial tick that has a high crit allowance on one target (in full T3 with lv3 mods mine crit for up to 900) and adds a strong DoT of 9 ticks (on my stats 120 minimum, crits of 350)to anything directly around you. Electrifying targets after casting this will wipe the DoT due to the effect in healer role, so electrify before use.

  6. David S. says:

    I for one think this was an amazing guide and thank you for taking the time to teach people how to effectively use the healing loadout. It is so stressful to be in an alert or a raid or even a duo with a healer who isn’t experienced in healing, HIS MAIN JOB. Healers are the most important players on the field for the sole purpose of keeping the team from all dying on the boss fight and having to start all over. I am primarilly a controller (or popularly dubbed, “troller”) and am responsible for keeping the healer’s energy bar full to heal the team, and am disappointed when said healer doesn’t use my hard work to his advantage. From past experiences, I normally only run “On Duty” events with my league, but maybe now, with this awesome guide to help the inexperienced healers, I’ll randomly team up with a dude to Run Alerts, Raids, and Duos. So, after this long-ass rant, I just want to say: thank you. And to those of you who feel the need to put this man’s insightful guide down, I say shame on you for ridiculing somebody’s information on a subject that you know nothing about.

  7. 150GrandMarnier says:

    As a new gamer AND a new lightening healer, I GREATLY appreciate this guide. I don’t want to be the healer that people complain about, so I’ll take all the advice I can get.

  8. Colin C says:

    I am about to start my first lightning character. He is going to be a healer. But I am trying to figure out what weapon is best for a lightning healer before I start the character. Can you list a couple of weapons that would be good? Thank You.

  9. Caerlas says:

    This guide is giving out misinformation. Enemies attacked by Arc lightning are neither electrified nor will you benefit from any electrified power interaction while the lightning is let loose. I have tested this myself and the author is incorrect. If the author’s claim were true then one could cast electroburst on an enemy while arc lightning is hitting them and consequently heal yourself as a result of the power interaction. This does not occur.

    Also, you cannot interrupt Ionic Drain by “moving around” because during the cast animation you are stuck in place. While blocking or being stunned or knocked back will interrupt Ionic Drain; pushing other buttons generally will have no result whatsoever until Ionic Drain has finished casting. The best way to keep this from being interrupted is to keep your distance from enemies and not draw unwanted aggro which a healer should be doing anyway. Considering the amazing range this heal has, there’s no reason to stay close to danger.

    Also, Arc Lightning and Electroburst are not reliable heals. Arc Lightning will not heal the healer and will not heal others who are too far away from the arcs. When it does hit, it is a “burst heal” or “instant heal” to whoever it hits and does not heal over time. For an instant heal to multiple teammates in a raid you’re much better off using Galvanize for the group, (assuming the group is competent enough to stick together), or just spam Bioelectric Surge (a reliable and cheap heal that you neglected to mention) if they’re spread out and you only need to heal 2 or 3 people who are far away. Biocapacitor is good too (I use both in my loadout) but you can’t spam it if more than one person needs a heal so it’s best to lead with Biocapacitor and then follow up with Bioelectric Surge if you need a 2nd or 3rd heal in emergencies. Both of them work on anyone within line of sight as opposed to Arc Lightning which might not hit the people who need it most or might not hit them fast enough and it takes too much time to recast it and it eats too much power for a heal that is so unpredictable. Only damage role players should use it if they like it enough.

    The best advice in this guide was to use Ionic Drain and Electrogenesis. If you keep Electrogenesis running and cast Ionic Drain from a distance as damage intensifies, you will keep a whole alert or raid group topped off effectively for most of an instance. Galvanize, Biocap, and Bioelec Sg are just an assortment of panic buttons for the occasional times when a teammate or a group of teammates take a big hit. Invigorate is for when all else fails.

    Arc Lightning and Electroburst are unreliable niche heals that require too many variable to be in place to be reliable. They also require the healer to be too close to enemies which is too risky since healers can’t take much damage.

    • BOLTARON4 says:


      You obviously did NOT read the guide, because I did not write that that the arc lighting will cause enemies to be electrified. Please, actually READ the guide before getting excited with a long rant.

      Because it actually SPECIFICALLY mention’s that ARC LIGHTING will NOT cause the enemies to be electrified.

      When I am healing a group, I am not concerned too much that arc lighting won’t heal me. I know that it provides a SOLID boost to all fighting allies in range. I can pop a soda if I need to, plus, I have 4 other heals I could cast.You have to have a certain level of finesse to use this load out style. I don’t think you have it.

      With regards to you comments about the other powers being unreliable, I have found that it is usually the USERS that are unreliable, nit the game mechanics. You might need more practice.

      I play on the PS 3 network on the PvP servers, usually in the evenings, pacific time, under the name BOLTARON4. Since you going to try to say I am spreading misinformation and lies, you can look me up ANYTIME and I can correct you.


      • Caerlas says:

        Finesse. You’re a healer who has to pop a soda to keep your health up and you claim to have finesse? The only time a healer should ever have to pop a soda is if they need power.

        If you can’t keep your own health up without a soda then maybe you shouldn’t be writing guides on healing.

  10. BOLTARON4 says:

    As for the other powers, like BIO-SURGE, FLUX, ELECTROGENESIS, these were not mentioned because I do NOT use them in my load out scheme.

    Part of the greatness of this game is the variety of powers and the many different abilities that each power offers. I think it’s neat that my character will be unique from your characters in that way,

    Since you don’t agree with my techniques, maybe you should write your own guide for your style of play instead of just being a negative critic???

    You could write all about YOUR STYLE and YOUR LOAD OUT there, instead of just trying to troll my guide.


    • Caerlas says:

      Already wrote my own guide and it’s up online. I still don’t mind clearing up misinformation in yours such as your statement: “I repeat, WHILE the ARC LIGHTING is active, you WILL get the ELECTRICIFIED power bonuses on your heals.”

      False. I don’t care for guides that spread false information to other players, it’s not good for the DCUO community and only causes confusion and frustration. Lightning is a good power-set for those who learn to use it. You’re only going to convince people that it’s broken somehow when they see that the things you claim don’t work.

      Also shouldn’t you have prefaced your guide with the fact that you mainly play PvP? That’s pretty important to know when there are enemies in PvE that can one-hit kill a healer foolish enough to try and wander in close to perform an electroburst. There’s a big difference between PvE and PvP. Arc-lightning isn’t a bad choice for PvP and Electroburst could be useful there too, but in PvE they are poor choices.

      Take this criticism constructively and fix your guide or just keep living in denial and pretend it’s all good and fine.

  11. Genius says:

    The purpose of this site and guide collections is to create positive and constructive discussions. Debates and disagreements are acceptable, but must be expressed in a respectful and polite manner to authors and community members!

  12. BOLTARON4 says:


    Our playing styles could not be more different. I don’t know what you are doing, but it is COMPLETELY different from the way i play.

    I see NO SHAME in drinking a soder to stay alive, or to get energy. I have no problem poppin’ a whole case of soder max’s, especially if I am running with a new troll, or one that is not so strong. I hand them out to whoever asks me for some.

    As a matter of fact, I RECOMMEND that healers DO NOT HESITATE to use a soder if you are in trouble. That’s what you have them for. To not use them is ridiculous. The only time using a soder is in bad taste is when you a dueling another villian. If you are in trouble and have a soder at the ready, the use it. What is your problem??

    • BOLTARON4 says:

      Oh, and I play both PvP and PvE.

      I’ve already offered to SHOW you what is up, but you have not taken me up on my offer. I will say it again. I am online almost every night after 7pm Pacific time under the name BOLTARON4. If you doubt me or want to call me out, then just look me up, and I can SHOW YOU.
      If you are so sure of yourself, then maybe you can show me what I am doing wrong;0

      • Caerlas says:

        Showing me does nothing for the public that you wrote the guide for. If you have a case to make then make it here. I’ve already explained in multiple posts what methods I use.

        To sum my method up, use heals-over-time (Electrogenesis and Ionic Drain) constantly to maintain overall high level of team health and/or slow the speed that the team’s health bars are falling when a lot of heavy damage is coming in. Use Galvanize when multiple group members in close proximity take a sudden large drop in health. Use Biocapacitor when cooled down as an instant heal when a single member at any distance in view has a sudden drop in health. Spam Bioelectric Surge only while Biocapacitor is cooling down if other group members need heals and Galvanize is not going to be effective due to distance and/or number affected. Invigorate is for emergencies when the entire group has become scattered and is taking heavy damage. In alerts I ditch Galvanize in favor of Wired.

    • Caerlas says:

      I think my point is obvious, all of the electric heals I use heal both me and my team simultaneously so if I ever drink a cola, it’s basically to refill my power only in the event that my team’s controller can’t or isn’t giving power. Why would I ever need to drink a cola to regen health when my powers in my loadout do that for me? It would be a rare occasion where I am low on both power and health because I do not use less effective heals in PvE such as arc-lightning.

      It is perplexing that you ignore electrogenesis completely considering that it is like having two instant “Circle of Protections” at once that travel WITH your team and heal significant amounts over time for next to no power. It is definitely the best heal-over-time power that electricity healers have access to and failing to use heals over time puts unnecessary strain on the team controller as you are otherwise relying on burst heals almost exclusively which consumes too much power to be effective.

      • Scalpy3 says:

        I tend to agree with Caerlas. I have been playing an electric healer for a while now and started out using Electroburst but found it way too unreliable and completely scrapped it. I still haven’t made my mind up on Arc Lightning though. I also don’t see not using Electrogenesis I pop it every time I it is done with CD. It is usually more effective to get close to the tank before you pop it so you have to put yourself in danger for a sec. but no more than trying to use Electroburst.

        • Caerlas says:

          I do sometimes move close to the tank before casting Electrogen if I know danger is around the corner but find it safer during battle to just cast it near anyone standing with the main group of teammates so someone there gets aura #2 and they all get heals over time and their health generally stays higher than the tank (and then the tank gets my instant heals first if his health is lower). I then either move myself (aura #1) close to anyone else who is standing too far away from the main group to benefit from aura #2, or I just back away with aura #1 healing me only and cast ionic drain from a distance so everyone in view gets healed by it.

          The other point that needs to be made is that every time a heal-over-time tics a heal, that tic has the potential to be a critical heal. So the more tics, the more criticals overall. Between the number of heal tics coming from one cast of Electrognesis and an ionic drain (or two), you can give out a staggering number of critical heals in about 10 seconds time if your critical heal stat is maxed out.

  13. DEaDBASS23 says:

    I’ve used the play style in this guide, and my healing has improved drastically. Caerlas, if you like to think that you’re guide is better then so be it, but you can’t speak on behalf of everyone else by claiming that another user is spreading false information.

    • Caerlas says:

      Have I at some point claimed that I’m some kind of “voice of the people”? My claims are my own and I make them as a concerned member of the DCUO community. My main intention is to clear up false information and I stand by my claims that Arc Lighting does not grant “electrified power bonuses” and that Ionic Drain will not be interrupted by voluntary movement of the caster. Again the caster is stuck in place during the cast animation of Ionic Drain. The only things that interrupt Ionic drain are enemy interupts from incoming attacks and blocking. If you cast Ionic drain and move the left thumbstick and then actually move as a result, it’s only because something ELSE interrupted your Ionic Drain thus ending the cast animation that would have been keeping you in place. In fact, during a busy raid when the screen is full of bright animations, it actually HELPS to hold the left thumbstick in any direction during the cast so that you can tell immediately if/when you’ve been interrupted by virtue of the fact that your character has suddenly begun to move prematurely.

      I’m glad to hear that your healing has improved, after all, not everything in this guide is incorrect or ineffective, but you give no basis for comparison or any measurable statements to explain which methods you’ve adopted or otherwise how your performance has changed. Even if you had, that doesn’t change the fact that what I’ve pointed out is in fact false information. I don’t claim the author has given out false information intentionally but rather that he is mistaken.

      • Boltaron4 says:


        I read your guide. I didn’t like it. At first I was not sure we were playing the same game.

        I don’t agree with your load-out, technique and style.

        That’s why I wrote this guide, to offer an alternative to what was out there.

        The purpose of this guide is to simply help people who are having trouble with the game. I noticed when I started playing that there was not much help that was offered by other players that didn’t sound like a lecture.

        I expect you to disagree with me, this way of healing is totally different from the method you describe in your guide. Healthy debate is always constructive, but with regards to your opinions on this matter, we are just going to be in disagreement.

        • Caerlas says:

          Having a difference in opinion is one thing. Outright incorrect information is another completely. You are welcome to your opinions but I’m afraid that they have no bearing on information that is patently false. You continue to turn a blind eye to your mistaken claims about arc-lightning and ionic drain which do not perform the way you claim. Just fix it and move on.

  14. dkim76 says:

    I haven’t played long enough, my CR is like 38 but Ionic Drain can’t be interrupted by moving if you’re still holding onto to the button. But he’s half right when he mentions about pressing other button, it will interrupt the Ionic Drain. I’ve died couple of times when I used Electroburst during Alerts when the boss would come over to me with one hit because the boss will hit you first when you’re attempting use it. Electroburst takes too long which makes the healer venerable for a major hit, but it’s nice to use when you have little NPS swarming you. I haven’t found much use for Arc Lightning yet.

    What works for me is definitely Ionic Drain, Electrogenesis, Galvanize, and Invigorate. I have been only playing for three weeks and I average about 250k heal out with only one PVE1 gear and I still have a green mask LMAO. I think my RES is little under 1200.

    Caerlas, be nice… it’s hard enough to find guides. Everyone has different load outs and experiences so don’t take to heart if he thinks otherwise.

    BTW if my CR is about 38 what should my DOM be? And, what plans do I use to fill up my gear sockets? I’ve read RES, POWER, and Health. How about DOM/VIT? I’ve been playing as a troller and most of the time when I play as a healer with randoms, the troller doesn’t really know his job. I like to keep power bar full when I troll and health bar full when i’m a healer, I wish people would understand these are support groups.

    • Caerlas says:

      DOM should be one of the last things you put skill points into as the Troller’s and Tanks on the team are the prime teammates responsible for affecting the enemy (and Dom now also has an affect on a tank’s health). Restoration affects your base heal amount. For Restoration increases your base heal by 1% and also affects how much you are healed by others (which is one of the reasons why Fire Tanks put points in Restoration innates early on). Critical heal chance should be next as it increases how often your heals go crit (maxing out at around 20% chance, so about once per every 5 heal “tics”or so). Critical heal mag should be third priority as that increases the size of a crit heal but not how often they happen. Afterward, I would say Defense, Vit, health, critical power, dom then perception?

  15. BOLTARON4 says:


    I played last night for a LONG time, playing close attention.

    I stand by my original post and statements.

    I believe you have not taken my up on my offer my meet online is because you are on the heroes side of things, and there would probably be a fight.

    So let me explain to you how to make this happen:
    If you are standing in the middle of a pack of enemies, and you pop off your arc lighting, then are able to do your electro-burst once or twice right away while the arc lighting is still traveling between enemies, you will see exactly what I am talking about. That’s it.

    Also, you also don’t need to use any extra power to “set-up” electroburst. If you do electroburst twice quickly, the first blast will electrify the enemy and the second blast will give your allies the healing bonus.

    I also change my load-outs all of the time to experiment with different combinations of powers. I’ll encourage new players to experiment with their own powerset’s and determine for themselves what works best for them and what does not.

    This post was by no means meant to be a FINAL, ULTIMATE way of doing this, just some humble suggestions from an experienced veteran who love to play this silly comic book game.

    • Pein says:

      Hey Boltaron, great guide. Just started out as a electric healer myself and will try the arc lighting and see what’s up. I take it your character is a villain.

    • The Regg says:

      I want to make a few things clear for myself that I read what is said and claimed:

      Your explanations says (interpreted from my pov): Using Arc Lighting first and directly afterwards using a move to electrify surrounding enemies WILL provide the bonuses that Arc Lighting should provide, as it is still active at the time the move to electify enemies is casted.
      (Example: If Arc Lighting is casted and it will last for 8 seconds and it takes 2 seconds to use a move to electrify surrounding enemies, it will result in 6 seconds of bonusses that Arc Lighting should provide (I have no clue what the duration of the move actually is, really…so this is just a theory I come up while reading your method))

      If this explanation is what you meant and I thus correctly understand YOUR method, then I guess Caerlas misunderstood this. I am not taking sides, but I do have to point out that in your guide, it is really misleading to read if THIS method is what you want to point out. It currently suggests that enemies get electrified by instant. Although you did point out it would not, the explanation is not as clear as you mean in comparison to the explanation you use above my (this) comment. So I get what Caerlas means by ‘incorrect’, as it is misleading.

      Second of all, I have not used the move Ionic Drain yet, but if it is similar to the move Absorb Heat from the Fire moveset, I have to go with Caerlas, as it is NOT possible to move away yourself by simply moving your stick or push any other button (aside from blocking). Moving away can only be done if you block (I forcibly move myself away by tapping block if I have to get away really quick), or if I get interrupted by someone or something else. Simply moving your stick away will not get you out of the move, because you are still grounded and unable to move. If you DO get away while holding your stick to whatever side you choose, it means you got interrupted, which Caerlas also pointed out.
      Then again, I do not have the experience of the use of the move Ionic Drain myself yet, but if it is comparible to Absorb Heat, this is what I can conclude myself.
      (to be clear, I use Absorb Heat as a Fire Tank to achieve aggro and heal myself at the same time, provided that the enemy is on fire (to do that I keep up Enflame or use Reignition if I find myself in a pinch and use Absorb Heat to heal myself even more AND put up aggro). If the enemy gets too close and I see the enemy is preparing for an attack, I usually tap block and while doing that move my stick away from the enemy to ‘roll away’, thus forcibly allowing me to stop the move. But the energy consumed is not reduced to the amount of time it was active, it will be reduced to the amount the move costs, no matter for how long the move is used.)

      Correct me if I am wrong in whatever way it is, as I try to interpret what I read out here and I am still trying to experience the moveset. I have not experienced many of the things explained above yet, so I am aiming to get a idea of how the electric moveset works (which is why I read this guide in the first place). Also, my comment is not a rant to BOLTARON4 and/or Caerlas, in any way, as I just want to make things clear out here, but also for my upcoming experiences with this awesome moveset that is provided.

  16. BOLTARON4 says:

    i’ve heard that if you drop a TESLA BALL in a crowd then bust a ELECTROBURST on said crowd…….it might cause MASSIVE HEALZ

  17. mike says:

    I found this guide to be well-written and very helpful. Have you done any other guides? Say, for example, on fire-tanks or gadget-controllers?

  18. TH3 JOLT says:

    BOLTARON4 makes a good point that not everyone plays the game the same. I have my own load out that in my opinion does fantastic. I am electric and I have a few group heals and a few single person heals. I also have one that does massive group heal for emergencies. How I see it is if your load out keeps a team alive, then your doing your job.

  19. electric healer main says:

    No electrogenesis recommended in an electric healer build.
    Skill is more than a must for high end healing.
    Bad guide.

  20. Well i am always worried i am upsetting everyone as i dont have a clue some times on what i should be doing. Ive been playing for a few months and only just getting it i want to be more helpful i was just fighting and playing as i thought i should be. But now i find out that my role is healing everyone. Thats why i keep getting my arse kicked. I would like some advice on what armor i should be buying or earning or does it really matter as half of the stuff available i dont like then when i see an armour i do like i go to earn it or buy it to see it drops something drastically.

  21. xXxDrizztxX says:

    The guide the combined opions all this stuff is GREAT intell, thanx

  22. Tron says:

    i like others peoples ideas so i try this build .. good for alerts/duos , really bad for raids … and Caerlas give u only some good points so take them . I am not saying this is bad guild .. but u cant heal with that t3+ raids ..

  23. jerryd says:

    good info i got a similiar loadout except iconic drain, it can do a good heal but does leave me vulnerable(or i just suck) but i used some of ur advice and did good so keep it up

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