DCUO Guides: Controller 101

This players vain attempt to try and make some sense of the crazy adventures of Controllers in DCUO, how they work, how you can be at better controller and how you can keep your team from sending the controller crawling under the desk or screaming into the night. Brought to you by my friends over at The Society “USPC server league” and Iceman2537.

The main roles of a Controller in an Alert or Raid are as followes:

  1. Keep the power bars as full as possible.

    I know it not possible to keep all the groups power bars full all the time. Because tank armor has a very low power score and DPS’s tend to burn through their power quickly.

  2. Buffs help to strengthen the group and Debuffs weaken the enemies.
    An often over looked aspect to the controller role, can make all the different in long boss fights. It has been stated by others “if your controller can’t buff and debuff the kick them from the group.”
  3. Crowd control hence the name for the role.


In boss fights where the boss summons trash or adds to help. Is partly the controller’s job to deal with them. Mostly because most controller powers have side effects that can slow down and disorient the summoned trash.
See allot of people think that Controllers with Power are like Healers with Health, all you have to do as a controller is hit 1-2 powers and the blue bars will just keep up with the team, I only WISH it was that easy, a Controller’s powers cannot regen their own power, contrast this with a Healers Spell everybody gets healed…including the healer if they are low enough in Health. Yes Controllers can add buffs that can give power over time but when we hit the button that pumps up the team’s blue bars they don’t get anything in return.
So part of a good controller’s plan is to figure out the best way to generate enough power to distribute to the team at the rate needed. This is where good power management for the rest of the group comes into play. If the group is doing a good job managing their own power levels this frees up power for the controller to use power to put out the buffs and debuffs. A controller in controller stance should NEVER be using his or her power for PURE DPSing while they are in a group, all the powers in a controllers load out when they are in group should be dedicated to the tasks above.
Power management is a skill not one you can select and power of for your character. This is one the player needs to learn. You can only learn this skill through lots of soloing. Good power management, is knowing how fast your powers empty your power verses how fast your weapons fill your power bar.
Thankfully there are ways to do this in game to help out…ALOT.
Now this will not be a ‘How to Guide’ or a ‘Play like this and be unstoppable’ this is just one Players experiences and what I’ve learned from being the Controller and watching Controllers when playing in other roles. We all play differently after all what works for me may not work for you but take what you want from this rambling mess and if it helps, even better.

First off- The Powers:

All the Controller Classes (Light, Gadgets, Mental) have three ‘power’ powers one that actually gives power to the other members and two that give a buff that gives power over time, look under your blue bar if you see a lightning bolt you have that buff which means the Controller is doing their job.
Light controller load out
Light Claws or boxing = gives power over time BUFF
*Recharge = Gives power to the lowest team mates not counting the controller using it
Group shield = 50%SC protects team in force field
Whip Thrash = Defense DEBUFF
Grasping Hold = Damage output DEBUFF
Entrap = Healing DEBUFF
Gadget controller load out
Sticky boom = gives power over time BUFF
Taser pull = gives power over time BUFF
Gauss Grenade = Defense DEBUFF
Sleep darts = Damage output DEBUFF
*Defibrillation = Gives power to the lowest team mates not counting the controller using it
Bunker buster = 100%SC AoE great for crowd control
Mental controller load out
*Psychic empowerment = Gives power to the lowest team mates not counting the controller using it
Psychic blades = gives power over time BUFF
Though bubble = Damage output DEBUFF
Pyrokinesis = Healing DEBUFF
Bastion = 100%SC protects team in force field
Telekinesis = gives power over time BUFF
Vitalization or Vit- Or the stat you NEED TO STACK

Now in order to get all that lovely power to give to your lovely team mates so they can either keep the baddies off you back or heal your sorry self you need to understand Vitalization, that’s the stat that shows how FAST your blue bar recovers, the faster it regens the quicker you can go back to distributing that power to others add this to the buffs above with some moderate DPSing and you should be recovering power MUCH faster than your team mates…which is the point after all.
How to stack your Vit? Look for Controller Gear, all Controller Class gear pumps up your Vit but at a price you’ll see a loss in Might and Precision in exchange for vit your DPS won’t be as strong even in DPS mode but you’ll be able to use your powers more often (thanks to the higher Vit) to compensate for the loss.
So when selecting armor, armor augments, weapons and skills. Do not ignore your dominance stat Dominance is the other stat you need to stack because it makes your controller effects last longer.
Something else to consider controllers are the only role that doesn’t have a reduction in DPS while in the Controller Stance, both Tanks and Healers have at least a 20% DPS reduction while in stance. Controllers currently do not have this reduction, despite this advantage they should NOT be pure DPSing as stated above.
DPS and the Controller….yes they need to DPS!
I can hear the screams now there are some out there that think the controller should ONLY give power to the rest of the team. Although they are welcome to their option they are what I like to call wrong. If a controller does nothing but give power they will run out quickly and the rest of the team will run out and then the team is rapidly dead. A controller must be doing some moderate DPSing, more than the healer and maybe the tank, but less than the DPS in order to manage their own power
IMHO…anybody who says a Controller (or Healer) shouldn’t be DPSing in an alert or a raid has never played one. I’m serious…I’ve SEEN it happen, seen a poor troller chewed out by a group leader for doing anything other than hitting the power regen…I don’t think I need to tell you how THAT ended. (Hint…NOT WELL) However the DPSing the Controller should be doing…should be weapons or Melee, they should NOT be DPSing with powers!
Most of powers in a Controller Load out for a Hard Alert or Raid should be focused on power and buff/de-buff NOT DPS, most of the DPS a controller does should be from their melee weapons and one (maybe two if you can squeek it) DPS power to reserve for the OHGODOHGODI’MGONNADIE moments.
Let me give you an example, my FAV mental power Pyrokinesis, it’s great it’s got range, it has stun, it does damage over time, it’s a mental powered flaming sniper shot!
And it’s utterly USELESS in a Hard Alert or Raid if I’m in Controller Role.
Why? Well yeah it does a good bit of damage, but that’s ALL it does, it has no other benefits if I’m in controller stance with a group, yes I stunned an enemy for a second or two but when you are up to your neck in undead zombies just stunning one aint gonna cut it. Better to have a group stun/debuff or a shed aggro that’ll help the tank keep the aggro and allow your team mow them down without (much) injury.
So how to make the most of your limited DPS choices? Choose your weapon wisely…
Check them out some give Vit bonuses just for buying that skill, and get as many as you can the ones that give a Vit Bonus from the start are:

  • Bow- Personally never used it, but some Trollers SWEAR by it.
  • Dual Pistols- My Default weapon for Alerts and Raids.
  • Dual Wield- Great for Solo and Duo…not so hot for Alerts/Raid due to range.
  • Rifle- Still playing with this one myself, the grenade launcher is fun…
  • Staff- Again never really used it but might have the same range flaws as Dual Wield


Rack up the skill points and fill up enough Weapon trees and you can really stack it up, I’m not going to say which weapon is the best or the combos you need to get. I WILL say to open up the weapon trees and start looking, next time in a raid or alert and a Controller Weapon drops…even if it’s not one you can use currently roll for it anyway if you can…try to assign some points, or fork out for a respec to get it and give it a go.
I will say among controllers rifles and dual pistols seem really common in alerts and raids, Controllers can’t be on the front lines so they need range and speed (to keep the DPS and thusly their power up) which both Rifle and Dual Pistols have in SPADES.
The trick to picking a weapon for a controller is you want to do damage QUICKLY from a distance. That’s why Dual Pistols are a good choice few weapons fill your power bar faster than Dual Pistols on full auto.

Closing up…

So what does all this boil down to?

For Controllers:

  1. Make the most of your load out, you only got 6 slots pick well if in a raid see if you can chat with the other Controller (most should have two per raid) find out what he/she has got and do a quick rearrange if necessary. ALWAYS have your three ‘power’ powers in there.
  2. Snatch up every piece of Controller Gear you can get, the more Vit the better!
  3. Practice and play with weapons and melee combos till you find a sequence that gives you the most DPS you can get.


For Non-Controllers:
Talk to your Controller beforehand! Just because they are green and have non-controller gear doesn’t make them ‘bad’ for all you know you’re looking at an Alt of a Level 30 with T3 gear whose grinding up a second char. So they may know how it works them just lack the gear for now. If they are a rookie controller make your decision if you want to play teacher (and adapt accordingly) or let them know that they should try working on lower level stuff till they get the role down.



We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Iceman2537 and his friends over at The Society “USPC server league” for making this guide. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the DCUO community members and we hope you will enjoy it.


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50 Responses to DCUO Guides: Controller 101

  1. White says:

    That’s a great article.

    I would like to add a few more bits of info to it.

    For Light users, Light Weight should be included for enemy damage debuff. It’s better than Grasping Hand because if you are ever surrounded by a mob, it will knock them back. Snap Trap also provides healing debuff (though I notice it can get alot of agro).

    I think it’s important to mention its VERY important for controllers to do chain attacks. The more hits you chain in a row, the faster your own power bar will regenerate. You can tell how well you are regenerating power by the color of the hit counter numbers. White numbers is marginal power regeneration. Blue is better. Orange is good. Yellow is best. Noncontrollers will also get huge power regeneration by chaining hits too.

    I also think Hand Blaster’s Pulse Beam attack deserves a mention. It’s very easy to chain attacks with it. Just use the Pulse Beam, in just a few seconds you will be regenerating ALOT of power for yourself. Pulse Beam is VERY fast for regenerating power. I’m not a fan of Hand Blasters for DPS. But if I have a group blowing out power all the time, it’s my favorite for power generation.

    • White says:

      I forgot… for Light users, Chompers is an excellent power for controllers. It panics the enemy. It panics a group of enemies. If a group is in panic, it won’t attack you or your allies. Your group won’t take any damage as it cuts the enemy to pieces. (but not all enemies will be effected so you have to know when to use it)

    • sk8rjason says:

      Yellow numbers mean you are drawing aggro away from the tank, and should be avoided at all costs for both trollers and healers. They may give you power back faster but they also make you the prime target and lead to group wipes.

    • nHISwill says:

      i agree about HB’s. I’m a noob but i like combo ability ease w them ery1 is telling me to go w pistols but i tried them & not comfy w…maybe when i get a lil better lvl30 w 38cr toon name HISwill(The Elitists)

    • GenoTheGreatOne says:

      This is a really good article on the basics of playing a controller. However, i would definitely use phantom flames over pyrokinesis. Not only does phantom flames provide a defense debuff on up to 4 mobs, it also places on DoT debuff on them also. Also, i definitely agree with White’s comment in regards to the pulse beam attack for the hand blasters.

    • John Billstrom says:

      Controllers do get a payback if 2 or more are in a group or raid as one will recharge the power of the others. Also tanks can do crowd control with ice wall or fire.

  2. Christian says:

    Quick side note … for Mental trollers, Bastion is 50%SC, not 100%.

  3. Athanatos says:

    I have a question about Light trollers. Is it good to simply build up your hit counter by attacking with your combos, thereby not using up any power other than the initial use, or do you HAVE TO use weapons? In solos my power bar never goes down for a second, and in the 10 or so Alerts I have done, I have only had one complaint from a DPS that was going through Power faster than I could help.
    I haven’t tried Duos yet since the people I have befriended in game are not yet ready to attempt it and I didn’t want to try Duos with a stranger since I don’t want to waste someone’s time with a rookie making possible mistakes.

    • Iceman2436 says:

      You need to be careful combing your light powers. For example if you combo claws with whip thrash you get the buff from claws but not the debuff from whip thrash, and you use power to activate both attacks. As far as weapon use that drives up your power bar without using any power.

      • Athanatos says:

        I know that there are no buffs after the initial attack, I meant to say that I get off all my buffs and with my last one just keep going with combos and then I repeat in time to keep the buffs active, throwing out a Recharge when necessary. I just wanted to know if there’s anything wrong with my approach. As for the power, it’s self explanatory since I use the power up for the initial buff and just continue free of charge.

  4. Rex says:

    Thank you, this is very useful. I have seen a lack of trollers so I got no help whatsoever when I asked others. Especially cause I’m using my Light-powered toon to troll.

  5. David S. says:

    Thanks for the guide. I’m glad I stumbled over this, because I lust to be the best controller I can be, and the power loadout guide really nails the whole point of the article. So thank you, iceman, and thank you for enlightening everybody on how to be an effective controllers. These role guide articles are some of the most helpful things on the sight, and that’s saying something. Kudos.

  6. xMEGAMANx says:

    Oh btw sleep dart is slow, its instant cast but uses alot of power. Plus it has a chance to miss, meaning it will hit and affect the target but wont get the debuff. Also the debuff for pvp only works when the target is asleep (or until they breakout) pve Im not too sure because of the power consumption, I spec for Gag Glove instead.

    • tyren69 says:

      I use sleep dart for the attack down, gag glove you have to get very close to the enemies to get it to hit. Sleep dart I can use from very far away. If your not getting the debuff to stick with dart, then your Dom is too low.

  7. i really think that when u r picking ur powers they should explain the role and purpose better, my light troller was my 2nd character and when i started i had no idea what a troller did, i wish i would’ve known about this website b4 cuz i’d be up to 70cr by now, even though i pretty much have the hang of the role this article has helped a whole lot. thank soe&dcuo 4 the trait reset machine, without it i would’ve had to delete 3 months of char. building. c u out on the battlefeild

    • highstylekyle says:

      yes definitely. this is my first mmo and its fun, but i spent countless hours spamming powers, because the game didn’t explain combo effectively, so i was a bad teammate in early alerts sucking power, as i always went dps, (i didnt know what controller was), but didnt combo (or know how to block!). a “god of war” style tutorial system at the beginning of the game wouldve saved me, and the strangers in my alerts and duos a lot of headache. recently when i went to being a controller (everybody is dps it seems) there was virtually no guide on how to be an effective HL controller. i was chewed out by many a group member before i started figuring out (google) how to be effective. now after my 4th trait reset, ive finally got a good loadout, for both damage and controller, and ive got a ranged weapon skill tree (rifle) to hang back and keep outta trouble with. but really someone coulda told me before i was outta soda, money, and my gear was all damaged. this website has was better info than sonys dcuo site. but like i said, i wasted a TON of time dieing in alerts for 3 hrs sometimes, cuz the instructions ingame are pretty sparse.

      toon: highstylekyle lev 30 cr 52 hard light controller who finally gets it.

  8. Yupper says:

    The problem is 90 percent of controllers fail to use it for its potential. The ability to lift and stun mobs is massive. Try running fos with a shitty troller and a good one, u will see a massive difference. Good troller will have an fos2 swam coming in stunned or lifted most of the time. same with sunstones in fos3 a good troller will juggle one while the others kill the other. hell it’s in the name controller and no one uses it right. Any controller that says dom is not important for a controller is a moron, i see so many people that spam vit 3 sockets saying well u don’t need dom.

    • yeah i hate in a raid how there r 2 trollers and every time i look the other troller is using his powers for dps and i’m the only 1 regenin power, and the healers also, when i have half or less health left and i’m tryin 2 give power but the healers are dps’ing, mostly the electric healers with electrocue and megavolt. Leave the power moves 4 the dps and tank and just heal with the power u get lol. oh yeah the missile strike is great 4 hard light trollz, cuz it does a decent amount of damage, it’s only 25% supercharge, usually lifts enemies, and doesn’t use any power, hint go 2 sparring dummies in warrroom or hod after logging in and fill ur supercharge b4 alerts or raids. have fun

      • Yuppers U R says:

        you Sir. are one of the morons. using spikes or ram uses little powers and can stun a group of mobs. Has nothing to do with dpsing it has to do with stunning/lifting mobs. Go ahead stick with your hide in the back only throwing your fist in the air let me know how those new raids work out for u when groups all target one guy and one shot him. O wait i bet that already happens when you’re in fos cause you’re doing a horrible job.

        PS.. Missile Strike sucks. Would u like to know the best loadout for hardlight?

          • Light Lass says:

            The best loadout for HL is …
            Claws (POT),
            Whip (Defence Buff)
            Weight (Attack Buff)
            Light Blast (Group stun & healer buff great for healer drones in BG)
            Recharge (Instant Power)
            Word of Power (Iconic SC – Gives huge power boost to up to seven members of your group)

  9. mtbird says:

    WOW! So helpful info, been needing ever since started playing 3 months ago. Looked but not like this. I do give a big cheer for all plus a standing aviation for this great website DCUO didn’t for all members etc is for Controllers & Healers. TYVM! 😀

  10. Juice Lee says:

    only NOW do i find this article…. I actually got controller to lv 30. I had no idea how to play the game until someone told me flat out that I didn’t know what I was doing…

    nobody tells you ANYTHING in the game so I went so far as to start a whole other character to try to make sense of it all. I had a controller with handblasters geez… life was pretty hard…needless to say my combat rating on my original controller is like 30 or 35…. wow

    glad to know all of this now thanks

  11. Miguel Johan says:

    Its also important to understand when your a Controller , the new ‘ Cunning ‘ SP in the Bow and Martial Arts trees are mandatory in a Controllers ‘ Power Healing Effect ‘ . Once you reach lvl 10 , as a Troller , as we all know , you get a 5% increase in your critical power healing ( how fast you heal the blue bar ) , the Cunning skill points give each you an additional 1% per point to add to that percentage …a total of 11% !!! In other words , fellow Trollers , with a high vitalization and this new percentage and of course your chosen weapon as brotha Iceman has mentioned , you should have no problem getting your blue bar regenerated very fast in no time . Iceman was right in the loss of Precision and Might points when you get all Controller gear , but with the new sockets , you can regain a lot of that soon as well . Also , be sure to get as much as the Critical Attack Damage (4%) and Chance (1%) as you can . ( of course after you get your needed points , first ) . Each damage you do , especially the critical damage you do , regenerates your power bar that much faster .
    Hopes this help, fellow Trollers. Iceman 2436 ..thank you for this info for all us Controllers out here in DCUO .
    MJ – Regulators

  12. xST0RMxSHAD0Wx says:

    Yuppers isnt a controller, hes just a troll.

    • Yuppers says:


      I’m a 81 cr Hardlight Controller.

      And if you don’t have a basic understanding of juggling mobs. You truly are /fail

  13. FamousBatman says:

    What about 2 controllers in a raid? I was told 1 troller ONLY gives power over time and then the other troller ONLY dumps power and debuffs. Is this true or do both trollers dump power? I believe 1 should only POT and the other dump power. Add me as a friend or reply back.

    FamousBatman – cr72 heroes

    • Teroni says:

      well usally one troller has more vit then another and you dont wont to fight over pot always check with other troller what his vit is if its higher you still want to keep a pot in your load out incase other troll gets knockout expesally in boss fights. The troller with less vit should also through out power with recharge, and should spend more time with debuffs since the lower vit troller should always have a little more extra power then the one with more vit. but remember if you are the lower vit troller keep a pot in loadout and make sure to only consitrate on debuffs and recharge. and if other troll gets knockout you will need to do pot

  14. JayNazty says:

    This is a sweet guide… Big ups for it… The only thing that I tend to disagree with is the misconception about you can’t regen your own power. As a Gadget Controller myself when I pop Sticky Bomb it does give me power along with everyone else and it does do the POT also…. Now this obviously isn’t my main way to regen, I still keep my combo up but it gives a little boost like the regular POT does for everyone else. I don’t use Taser Pull in my loadout so I’m not sure of that works the same.

  15. A-Dity says:

    Yeah, nice guide, ive actually had my Mental controller since the beginning, and i played one in the beta, i like teh controller class. But i will say, there are alot of factors that come into play. Ive solo Trolled raids before, and if the group your using is good(or rather plays good together) its not impossible. Get your stats up like mentioned. I really only use hand blasters. but typically in a raid, i usually come in 3 or 4th for damage out, basically right behind the DPS. i use phantom flames, TK, phy. blades and phy. empowerment. Get a good trinket, on that boost your Vit. for when times when everyone is low on power. Pop a good trinket do phy. empowerment and almost the whole raid group is full on energy. So i agree if the group says to do power only, they dont know how a good controller works..Have fun

  16. control code says:

    Great guide. I’m a mental troller and have kinda neglected that one for my healer but would like to say this guide hit everything on the button. only thing about the loadout for mental is i would slot Cryokinesis for Telekinesis since it’s mainly solo target and lifts the target whereas psychic blades hits multiple and has a stun chance. Cryokinesis is the damage output debuff which is much more useful as opposed to the healing debuff since many stuff don’t heal and gives more survivability, it is very power intensive though so use sparingly. Also yes Pyrokinesis is useless unless it’s a single target and in controller role removes healing buff and we know that in pve many enemies don’t self heal, however the power bonus when used after Thought Bubble is amazing if the enemy is encased and damage nearby enemies. And most important always slot a super for when you have no power to use and bastion as someone mentioned above is 50% sc and compliment the loadout perfectly.

    The loadout i use is:
    Psychic Empowerment (Straight power regen – main power)
    Psychic Blades (PoT – secondary buff also great for dps)
    Cryokinesis (dmg output debuff – helps everyone, heavy on power bar)
    Thought Bubble (defense debuff – most useful debuff, great leadoff for pyro)
    Pyrokinesis (heal debuff – more useful in pvp but the power interaction is great)
    Bastion (50% sc protects/reduces damage to yourself and up to 3 other members)

    never had a problem unless i’ve had a horrible group that spams/clips powers and then expects me to also debuff the enemies as well as give power. power management is key to successful groups.

    Domina – lvl30 mental troller villain side

  17. WitchMaker says:

    Im a lvl 30 mental troll 84CR 91 SP
    Psychic Blades / Telekinesis
    Psychic Empowerment

    + Dom
    +Crit Damage
    +Crit Chance
    Reasons for my loadout …. To start Telekinesis is for Taraurus final boss fight ( if you are not highest vit in the raid ask the other troll if you may use this [When the statues come to life and the Meteor Balls drop pop this off and help the DPS get them down with 1500 – 2500 damage] This damage is caused by the superstrength power ). Alot of mental trolls are saying about how little use Pyrokenises is, Well they can be right but i love it – reason is simple use it straight off thought bubble and you can stun and crowd control mob groups. Granduer IS a MUST, controllers spam out power alot and it can be easy to take aggro from the tank, and granduer loses that aggro aswell as making you immortal for enough time to pick up an ally.

    Also with this loadout you will notice you have powerpoints spare well if you have high enough skill points (around 110 – 120) you can spec as a great might based DPS without having to reset all your skills, all you need are
    Neo Venom Boost – This replaces Psychic Empowerment
    Bolt Barrage / Mass Hysteria – This replaces Bastion Shield
    Immortality from Granduer works in DPS role too so you can use this if you dont think you will live till the heal comes, if you like you could also swap the Psychic Blades for the Telekinesis, you can then feed off Hardlight and Fire DPS using the Tartaurus last boss tactic from above.. Timing off this power is vital as soon as their Weight/Meteor has hit its target you can fire telekinesis for great damage, if used in mobs you see MASSIVE numbers as the damage doesnt share so anything else hit will recieve the same damage. Example so if you are max DPS that can use this tactic to hit a single enemy for 6k with Telekinesis in a mob of 6 enemy you could be looking at 30k damage

    Hopefully mental users find this information usefull 🙂

  18. RIO says:

    I add my own little comment here too. I tried so far every controller powers on my main. Yes i respeced many times.
    If some one say that controller power is better then the other than he never rly learned or dug deeper in it.
    All types have their pro n cons n as a comment sez it depends on personal skills.
    So if some sez a HL troll is rubish in fos 2 or in any fos well.. he never played with me or some of my friends. When some 1 sez mental gives out less power then gadget he never played with a good mental troller.
    I do not agree that a controller mostly need dominance cos HL uses mostly prec dmg cos u combo moves together n gadgets can fill might in to the weapon attacks not to mention mental which also uses might.
    So aiming alone for high dom n vit is not enough. i mostly socket my armor so that migh n prec stays in balance n i use high vit n dom plans ( type 4) for pieces where i need blue sockets.
    I think a nother advice is never try to over dmg prime dps-ers cos we can not over dps them when they r geared.
    Our main porpoise is give power n do CC. We can try to kill Golems in FOS3 they gonna die after we done more attacks but the dps can do that in seconds when we put up a nice debuff on them.
    SO i think who thinks otherwise should stop being troller n switch to dps.
    N those who can not use construct combos should leve HL too.

  19. Blazing Marauder says:

    RIO, valid point though if youre looking to do damage with an HL troll then you aint a troll, people need to understand you cant carry other roles you havve to let them do their role and you stick to yours, and i reckon im speaking from experience, CR80 troll been that since i started and ive played around with every power on both trees and ive got it sorted what works best, for me atleast but you shouldnt be worrying about damage because that aint your role, like this guide initially stated, light dps just for power management, lets not forget the other roles healers n tanks have a damage penalty 25% and 20% respectively so its balanced out

  20. [You] says:

    Ive been studying the ppc (points per click) and wen using a p.o.t power say telekinesis if u use tri blades does it make the ppc faster and regen more health? Or do u have to wait for the ppc to stop to use the next p.o.t? Im a 65cr mental illussion troll with 800 vit & 700 dom my only character so far im still learning so I also wanted to kno if I do instant power to group does that cancel my ppc I did b4 hand?

    • MKDelta says:

      @[You]PoT ticks 6 times over 25 secs. If you use another PoT power consecutively it will restart the counter back to one and there will be a gap in your cycle. Unless you cast it exactly after a tick which, if timed correctly, can give you an extra tick. Instant power does not interrupt your cycle. You can and should spam it.

  21. Jeremy says:

    I am a Psychic controller and was wondering what the best load out is. I am a hand blaster but can’t find Psychic Blades anywhere

    • Eli says:

      I’m a mental troller with hand blast and my loadout is:
      1. Terror Tendrils
      Used to be Psychic Blades before the power update, but everything’s the same besides visual effects. I prefer this due to the wide aoe. It can pull aggro but it interacts with Phantom Flames and
      2. Phantom Flames
      Can hit up to 4 adds and reduces their defenses, it can also stun them for a while as well.
      3. Grandeur
      This is very useful in tight situations as it can prevent damage over six seconds allowing you to get away or pick up a fallen teammate.
      4. Cryokinesis
      This hits multiple enemies like Phantom Flames but roots them and reduces their damage. You can also combo off of this to encase any adds.
      5. Psychic Empowerment
      A power you need to have in your loadout. Once you have the timing down for the POT, you can give out alot more power at once by hitting this about every 5 seconds along with your regular POT.
      6. Word of Power
      Probably the best supercharge for a troller if you chose flight or acrobatic for movement. This pretty much restores your entire group’s (eight people) power bar to full with eight ticks of power. You can also cancel the long startup with Psychic Empowerment.

      Of course this is just my preferred loadout. You’ll have to play around with the powers to find what you think best fits.

      You don’t really need a healing debuff. Most alerts and raids usually don’t have adds or bosses that heal, BUT some do so it’s always good to at least invest a point in a healing debuff in case you need to switch your loadout.

    • Croyda says:

      …i can’t find psychic blades either.

  22. Poor Design says:

    If you want high level controller do the Zatanna T3 solo

    She only drops controller gear so tanks and healers are SOL

  23. Rodrigo says:

    Very nice!!! I could understand now a little bit more about controllers. I have a Hard Light, but i can’t upgrade it very well. I’m not good to play in alerts or raids, most of the time i get kicked of the group. Its a shame that nobody has any patience to play and help you practicing, that’s the only problem of the game (people).

  24. shadowmt says:

    im a mental troll and i include mass terror and WoP as supercharge in my loadout, its not often u need a group shield. wen im surrounded by adds and some1 needs to b picked up, mass terror is amazing as it firstly stuns those adds, then sends them into panic allowing ur team to regroup, revive and catch a breath

  25. Rarewolf says:

    well, my Toon name is Mitzio.
    i want to know your honest opinion.
    i looked through your guide, i learned a lot.
    BUT i dont like the fact that power gets consumed so easily by these power hungry teamates….
    so i decided to not really troll.
    but to Con.
    that is.. i mainly debuff enemies and bosses.
    i do keep defib in hand. and when i need to (or when there is no other troller) i equip the taser pull.
    i keep getting bad talk. but not to the point where i am kicked
    i keep assuring them i am not really a potting troller.
    is my approach wrong? or is being a Con out of the question in this game?

    sorry for making this comment so long.

    • Violet Gun says:

      you should consider specing into dom if that is your approach, you are what is known as a “secondary” or “dom” troller you dont p.o.t. but you do crowd controll and debuff so the primary “vit” troller can conserve power in raids

  26. RachelxRoth says:

    Should I have both of my PoT skills on or just my fav/main one? I mainly DPS, and I just started my 2nd toon/OC what ever the term is for this game. And on the note of PVP. what is the best mental skills to have?
    BTW on thing that you missed in this Iceman is, where should I throw my SP at? Which weapons and movment skills?
    BTW agian is mental troll.

  27. jax says:

    Would you mind updating this with a good quantum loadout? Or at least a review of quantum powers and how YOU think they are within the controller role?

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