Signs of the Great Ten

There are 10 collections items in this Collection.

  1. Tablet of the Accomplished Perfect Physician
  2. Tablet of the August General in Iron
  3. Tablet of the Celestial Archer
  4. Tablet of the Ghost Fox Killer
  5. Tablet of the Immortal Man-In-Darkness
  6. Tablet of the Mother of Champions
  7. Tablet of the Seven Deadly Brothers
  8. Tablet of the Shaolin Robot
  9. Tablet of the Socialist Red Guardsman
  10. Tablet of the Thundermind
Type: Collection
City: Metropolis
Zone: Chinatown


Straw hat

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14 Responses to Signs of the Great Ten

  1. Ronell says:

    Nice. Thanks.
    I was wondering if you going to put up the Investigation and Briefing from the Hard alrets and FOS (Fortress of Solitude) Raids?

  2. mortis says:

    FRO5TBIT3 is the best character in the world and i am a hero for ps3

  3. mortis says:


  4. MisticAssassin says:

    rLLY NEED HELP NR 4 Tablet ghost fox killer some help ……

  5. if u think the best u dc player in the EU server PS3 u 1st hv 2 beat MEEE…….. GutC the no dlc’s DEMON 😛


  7. Fuzzynuts says:

    Is it still possible to do this collection for the staw hat because I can’t collect any of the ‘?’s

  8. savvas102 says:

    i need help with the 1.

  9. GHOSTWHITE221 says:

    This collection is very difficult. I need a several days and I’ve been looking in Chinatown.

  10. Malika says:

    I have all 10 collection but where would my hat be ?

    • Hashirama senju says:

      It should come in the mail. Where did you find the Accomplished Perfect Physician. Around which are in chinatown

  11. godhand says:

    how to get Tablet of the Accomplished Perfect Physician

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