DCUO maintenance on April 23, 2012

All DCUO servers (PC and PS3) and forums will be brought down for maintenance on April 23, 2012. The maintenance will begin at 12:01 AM Pacific and may last 24 hours.

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128 Responses to DCUO maintenance on April 23, 2012

  1. shtyx says:

    Game back up and running

  2. dr wu inc. says:

    the pattern is developed. i believe theyre addressing the disconnect issues that become more pronounced after new dlc unfolds. wish they would curtail spamming powers. co op experience needs some attention.

  3. robert says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything from SOE they have a long history of crap support

  4. shtyx says:

    I froze 4 times tonight in pvp. Before anyone says anything…so did everyone else. People were complaining all night over shout about it. This is a broke product, it should never have been released, and the online petitions are coming.

    I’m getting a refund. If should shut down to fix things….you should fix things. I’m all for maint, but I’m not for wasting my money on a product that is falsely advertised. I’ve never played a game that froze like this.

    SIGN THE PETITIONS. They are coming, trust me.

    • shtyx says:

      And no, constant freezes that are abnormaly high is not a part of the agreement. I’m butthurt as hell.

  5. did dcuo shut down

  6. coolguy says:

    Stop being girls about it its no big deal find something else to do for the mean time and stop bitchin its a great game and obviously all of you play itp enough to waste your time on this dumbass forum why dont you get your lazy ass up and petition to not go to war with Syria and start a nuclear holocaust or the fact that the government is sterilizing you jackasses man I swear

    • chess says:

      hes right..if u complained about a product i dont really care about..like a blender it doesnt excuse the manufactures half assness for putting out a broken product… its like u caring about your pet if u have one..i dont care that its nota pure bread..doesnt meen the seller shouldnt be repremanded..so who cares about syria..fix dcuo!!!!!

      • chess says:

        cool guy comes in a forum to address the shut downs and sais dont complain!!!!! its always 1 ahole in a forum
        that has to act like people that complaine are wrong..cool guy go to go to a wash (dc) forum and stay off (dc) online since your so involved with politics smart guy!!!!

  7. Riddel2617 says:

    I think this is bull#@&*!Why don’t they do it when everyone is asleep like 1:00 O’clock or something?!

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