Star Wars: TOR Database Launched

swtor database
Launch of a major MMORPG is a great thing for everyone that loves games and that genre. My wife and I (Genius and Evil Genius as you might see us on the site) are fans of all things MMO. Being Star Wars fans as well it was only natural for us to be interested in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We sat down and decided to do a completely crazy thing – create a fully fledged game database for SWTOR. You might think that it is impossible for two people to do this alone, but we are trying to do it nevertheless. With the drop of the SWTOR NDA we are proud to present our very own SWTOR Database –
This database website already has a quests database, companion info pages, datacron locations and talent calculators for all classes. We will be introducing lore objects, fully operational item database and crafting database within the next couple of days.
If you plan on trying out Star Wars: The Old Republic remember to bookmark SWTOR Spy. I am sure you will find it helpful during your gameplay.

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